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The Young Man - The report

"Many years ago a young man was charged over a crime he did not commit. This is story 3"
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The Report

This is the third poem in the series of 3 and has been written from the perspective of the parents of the young man who sort justice on his behalf.

We wrote to police headquarters and we told the bloody lot

How many police were crooked and we told about the ‘shop’

We told the names of witnesses we talked about our son

We said that we were worried if something wasn’t done.

They came down from police headquarters in their shiny Ford sedan

Stopped at Sarg’s office, said we are here to scratch around

In case we find some evidence not covered up by now

We’ll talk to all the witnesses and tell you what we’ve found

We’ll tell them how we understand. How tough it must have been

For the young man and his mates and this bloody awful scene

We’ve seen it all east north and south we watch it all the time

Up in police headquarters, we control policemen’s crime

So they scratched around and went away then wrote back awful soon

To say we’re very sorry but there’s nothing to be seen

‘cept your son and his mates deserve all the bloody rot

For the policeman’s word is law you see the police are not at fault.

For we work with them we know them all and it’s a bloody awful scene

To accuse a policeman’s mate of being so obscene

So they went away and left us here with this damn awful lot

These revenge-seeking policemen that we know are not corrupt.

So we sent our son off to Queensland to the sun and all that lot

Where at least we know the policemen can be trusted in a spot

They may take a bribe of money or help a pollie mate

But at least you know your son is safe from beltings and the like

For we know the police protect you up in the sunshine state.


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