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Crab Legs: Pt., 3


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The smell of earth and dust made me cough and sneeze. Shifting my body I noticed I lay on a hard, gritty surface. When I opened my eyes I saw motes of dust in the shaft of light above me. It was coming from a small hole in the ceiling. It did not look like sunlight. It just illuminated the darkness with a soft glow. I struggled to a sitting position. I felt a heavy throbbing ache in my upper body but I still tried to sit up. Finally I was able to lean forward. With a panting breath, I just sat there. Glancing to my left then my right. On my right I saw what appeared to be a door carved into the stone wall. To my left I saw a table upon which sat my black medical bag and a metal looking cylinder.I continued moving and stretching out my body. I grunted when I found my body was sore and ached as if I'd been through an exercise marathon. My muscles slowly released tension and I yawned. I looked down and noticed I was clothed in a leather uniform.

"What in the world?"

I replied aloud. There was silver cuffs at the end of the sleeves and legs. On my feet I wore leather thong sandals. My leg felt fine. I remember the visitor ripping free, speaking, molding itself back into my bloodied leg. Then as someone or something approached, I passed out. Now as I sat in this dusty closed-in room I wondered what my next move would be. I heard the door being moved.

The slow shifting of stone on stone rubbed my nerves raw. I was able to shuffle over to the far end of the room but that much effort exhausted me. I leaned against the wall and sweat poured down my face. I watched the doorway with nervous excitement as it was pulled back and to the left. Since the doorway was so far back into the wall. Light filled the doorway causing a shadow to cast across the floor. 

I propelled myself forward from the wall I leaned against. Surprisingly my aching stiffness had left my body. I ran to the door and peered down a darkened corridor. I sighed and slumped my shoulders. I felt a bit angered at the situation I was in. I mean I am in here receiving treatment for...wait a minute! I can't remember what it was I am being treating for. I laughed. I laughed until I was bent over and tears came to my eyes.


I shouted into the darkness.


I inhaled a few deep breaths before walking over to the table where my bag sat. Curiously I peered at the cylinder. Tipping my head closer I looked over the top. It was an open container but nothing was inside.


I shrugged my shoulders and decided it did not concern me. Taking the bag off the table I walked over to the door and out into the hallway.

Immediately lights burst into flame. I saw that they were actually old fashioned wicked sconces.

Delicately sculpted to resemble,


I looked closer and the sconce blinked! I was startled but I learned in this place things are of the curious and strange. I quickly made my way down the hall my steps muffled on a sponged ground. I did not want to care but my mind went there and I looked down. The floor was gray and had the texture of a towel. Fuzzy-like and soft to the touch. Though it was sturdy enough to walk on there was a little give. Before long I was facing a curve in the wall. It split down two ways. I sighed, heavily.

"This is some Cracker Jacked up shit. What am I supposed to do!"

Frustrated and confused I leaned head against the wall. My arm cradling my forehead. I heard it. Softly. Like a whisper on the wind. Calling out. I lifted my head.

"To the left."

I smiled as I began to walk down the path that curved downward to something I could not see. I held no fear. I knew that I was on my way out.

Written by Daalmonette1980
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