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Horror Stories

Stories in our horror category are dark and filled with suspense, with plots intended to shock and elicit fear in the reader.

This genre includes themes such as psychological horror, demonic forces, zombies and urban legends.

If you enjoy a good scare or would like to share a frightening story, please submit your work to this category.

Popular Stories

Riding in on a charley horse with a crow rocking your nightmares away dressed in a blue suede suit God Bless, you buried gentlemen of roadkill and bones at times a tooth fairy when you sleep not as macabre as it sounds the crow doesn't kill it just eats

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Flowers of smoke choking the timbers curling around my forfeiture from chimney's sweep dark torches of roses now turn to ashes from the winter shed then turn to dead with eyes in the embers

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Who knows bellows better than the wind hung from a tree from where the roots run of which no one knows from what seed it comes like a gallows with long neck boughs hanging life in effigy suffering not smiles crying for the willows alone in the shadows kis...

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A new employee turns up for work with injuries. Perhaps his boss should not investigate why.

He noticed it as soon as he walked through the door, and was about to mention it, but then thought better of it as the youth settled behind his desk and set about turning on his computer. His black eye looked angry and painful, spread across the cheekbone...

As the night begins to swarm using nitrous oxide with a beer chaser teetering on the brink of insanity in the charms of the body farm beneath the dirt's jaw candy of lessons learned from the past with a cricket's toothache using death's pickaxe and dental...

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Carol of the Damned

... just a mythic retelling... a dark holiday story...

The air was sweet, heavy with the scent of ripe, cloying fruit. The sound of buzzing near the pomegranates that swayed and hung low in the heat was distracting me enough that the woman’s pulse thudded against mine, the salt of her blood splashed its way d...

My soul is my gothic violin with the bow of the picador played softly in solo in the world of my dark oyster warming my marrows blood running cold in a caravan with a melody of strings and the madness it brings fathoms deep among the dead... my soul is my...

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A shadow of screeching silence in a silhouette of all my fears a nocturnal coronation of widow wax dark as the ferries of night of my fleshless anatomy dragging my melting crayon wrapped in loneliness listening to the agony as it drips my forgettable

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Cleanse your soul

If you ever get a spiritual cleansing, never upset the shaman.

He really tried his best, but it was impossible. He just could not get interested in the talks and lectures at the ‘Agricultural Innovations For Sustainable Economic Landscapes’ conference, but afterwards, there was drinks and a buffet, deep in Mexico Cit...


A pact is about to reveal the answer to one of the mysteries of science.

Turning the key in the garage door, there was a satisfying click as it locked. His left hand held a claw hammer which was swung at it. It took three swipes to break the key. He nodded in satisfaction. “There, now we’re locked in,” he said, dropping the to...


Everyone made fun of the deaf kid.

It was just a stupid joke. Everybody made fun of the deaf kid. He talked funny. And he did! We weren’t mean about it. He couldn’t hear us anyway, right? He was frikkin deaf. All we did was make fun of the way he talked. We said he sounded derpy. It’s not...

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The other half

After she'd killed and buried her husband, he wasn't happy.

He stared out from behind the glass of a small frame, the picture taken 22 years ago as he stood on a beach, the sea behind him beneath a cloudless sky. She wanted to feel emotion at his passing, wanted to shed a tear, but couldn’t. He hadn’t been a bad h...


A seemingly empty house contains many corpses of animals, and why should the drum not be banged?

The house was of no significance, and would barely warrant a second glance, nestled as it was a mile from the nearest town on a country lane leading into cloudy valleys. As Daniel Carter drove past, he slowed down, then halted the Volkswagen Passat and st...

An Encounter in the Woods by Night

A walk in the woods leads to something strange

Eldon Woods was dark and quiet as I walked the path from Riordan Crescent to the park. I rarely entered those woods after dark. There were reports of coyotes and, more likely, the risk of human predators. But on this night, I took my daily walk after suns...