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Horror Stories

Stories in our horror category are dark and filled with suspense, with plots intended to shock and elicit fear in the reader.

This genre includes themes such as psychological horror, demonic forces, zombies and urban legends.

If you enjoy a good scare or would like to share a frightening story, please submit your work to this category.

Snapping the quill's garterof cold winds and treeswearing no sleevesas silence falls nightin obsidian twilighttween worn pages of ghosta shadow dogears the hostneath the winged barracudasnapping the quill's garter

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Now facing death with the flamesgrasping the fire of your lipsleaving amorous memoriesof poetic cyanidelusting darkness of the gravebursting roots reaching hellchaotic shadows where they dwellof haunting infidelsscreaming, "Jimmy Crack Corn"and sipping wh...

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With insatiable twilight breathing apparition looking at me with strokes of dreams speaking to me with hands of blood whispering the dawn deposing thoughts of us lost inhaling the pale of midnight burns my sweet stiletto With insatiable twilight of death'...

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In the dark's adrenaline of your hari-kiri dripping from the cold moon's bleary touched by twilight's pulse weary feeling the breath of death's theory tasting blood on the tip of your query in shadows cast of Caron's ferry bleaching the scent of my dearie...

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The other half

After she'd killed and buried her husband, he wasn't happy.

He stared out from behind the glass of a small frame, the picture taken 22 years ago as he stood on a beach, the sea behind him beneath a cloudless sky. She wanted to feel emotion at his passing, wanted to shed a tear, but couldn’t. He hadn’t been a bad h...

in the renaissance of dark's madness using a poetic tuning fork with a metronome ticking and death's elocution of etiquette's twilight dripping marrow from a soup bone listening to the scalpel's slice echoing a dying pulse from a tureen of suet's filling....

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Lost in thought, in Yonkers at twilight neath the wings, dark eating crow against hordes in a Fools Paradise a fallacy of demons sowing seeds cackle! cackle! little scarecrow eating blue eggs, hungry and cold touched by the pulse of New York as the Lord o...

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Dark as a weathered stone with obsidian wings of gothic bones morphing to twilight in my insomnia, listening to the dripping of pneumonia, from the ballast of my mind caressing the marble statues of the immortals Holy Grail of death on the vine. Dark's um...

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A seemingly empty house contains many corpses of animals, and why should the drum not be banged?

The house was of no significance, and would barely warrant a second glance, nestled as it was a mile from the nearest town on a country lane leading into cloudy valleys. As Daniel Carter drove past, he slowed down, then halted the Volkswagen Passat and st...

An Encounter in the Woods by Night

A walk in the woods leads to something strange

Eldon Woods was dark and quiet as I walked the path from Riordan Crescent to the park. I rarely entered those woods after dark. There were reports of coyotes and, more likely, the risk of human predators. But on this night, I took my daily walk after suns...

The Blue Boy

Those eyes seem to follow me...

My sister Sally and I stood in our grandmother’s darkening living room staring at the wall. Staring at the painting to be exact. The Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough or as I referred to it Nightmare Fuel.Our mother used to send us to our grandmother Rose’s...

The Wonderful World of Wally Weasel

Not everything is parmesan at the pizza party place...

We all make poor life choices. Mine just happens to be pizza. You’d think working at the nostalgia-laden Wally World would be a dream come true. Maybe for kid me, with all the arcade games that spat out tickets like confetti, ball pits, and colorful chara...


A roaring wind battered the building. It whistled through the cracks of the ill-fitting single-glazed windows and pelted the glass with debris ripped from the poplars in the park beyond. Driving rain slammed against the rattling panes, and attacked the ro...

Innocent Until Proven Gullible

One person's cure is another person's weapon...

Her yelling annoyed me. It always did. Helicopter moms. Can’t live with them. Dad certainly couldn’t. But until I finished university, I couldn’t live without. Her house. Her rules. Mom’s nagging, she claimed, was always in everyone's best interest. Dad b...

Tales From the Crypt: Downunder Edition

Spooky shenanigans; boobies too.

Typical; should have guessed there’d be an unnerving start to Friday-the-thirteenth at Chez Annie. As my beloved girlfriend goes to fill the coffee pot, water suddenly pulses up into the air and falls waterfall-like onto the kitchen tiles. Carrie is total...