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Stories in our horror category are dark and filled with suspense, with plots intended to shock and elicit fear in the reader.

This genre includes themes such as psychological horror, demonic forces, zombies and urban legends.

If you enjoy a good scare or would like to share a frightening story, please submit your work to this category.

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Prey part 2

For a while, there was a vast nothingness. I had succumbed to the void and assimilated to it. There was no pain or joy. Only the slight general feeling of reprieve. It was only when the sound of a door unlocked, my heavy eyes fluttered open. “Victorine, m...


Might continue this in the future

It was when the clock struck midnight that our eyes met across the golden ballroom. His darkened gaze sent an icy finger trailing down my spine. I watched as he weaved through women in extravagant gowns and men in polished suits. Effortlessly keeping his...

Scarlet Sunrise

Is a sun worshipper about to have his beliefs shattered?

The boy was terrified, his eyes conveying fear like that he had never known. He was four years old and tied to a steel chair, a gag around his mouth, his tearful eyes staring at the man who stood by the doorway of the shed with a 7-inch wildcat Bowie knif...

Never Go Woods

Everything on this end of town was dead, except for Evergreen Woods...

Miranda’s knees were locked and there was a slight tremble in her legs. Despite the cool weather, she felt sweat break out onto her back the moment they stepped into the clearing. The cold snap had settled in a few days ago. Fall was coming. This time of...


The Monster is the State, the Flaw within Humanity, the Light of the Gods, and the Monster will not be killed.

[Helsinki/FI-27.5.2050-Containment05] [Subject: 6648] The video feed clicked on, blurring, and then sharpening to perfect quality. It showed a single humanoid figure strapped down to a metal medical table that had been repositioned to sit nearly upright....

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Slice of the Horrifying Mundane

in an invisible battle of Sanity vs. Lucidity, Who will win? Whose side are you on?

“Reality is a cruel mistress and Fantasy is a kind one. The more I learn of myself the more fictional I feel. As if I am their love child, named Delusion, with an astral twin, named Dissociation. The Gemini of the Cosmic Zodiac, only one of us has the tem...

A thorn and wilted rose for The Apocalypse to linger and decay in the shadows of a herd biting off the throat with words inappropriate with the quill of a feather stuck in one's craw on empty pages hemorrhaging worms a bloodbath of Draconian shattered dre...

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Fido's Tale

A Criminal Is Turned Into A Dog.

Karl had been a concentration camp guard during the Second World War. He was known for his cruelty and brutality towards the prisoners, and he took pleasure in their suffering. But when the war ended and he was captured, his life took a strange and unexpe...

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Man With A Beehive For A Head

A Man awakes with a Beehive replacing his Head.

Chapter One: Boris woke up one morning to find that his head had been replaced with a beehive. He couldn't believe his eyes as he tried to scream, but only a faint buzzing sound escaped his lips. Boris clawed at his face, trying to remove the hive, but th...