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Meow, said I.

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood! The Robertsons were just coming home from their summer vacation. The swallows were merrily singing as the mockingbirds mimicked their call. I watched as the gray Lincoln Continental pulled into the driveway and came to a stop. Mrs. Robertson was the first to step from the vehicle as she appeared with a refreshing smile. Mr. Robertson followed, as their two children, Penny and Marshal gleefully ran behind. I took my time as I strolled towards their property, carefully observing for traffic as I crossed the street. I reached their doorway just in time for Penny’s eyes to catch my image and I cordially greeted her. “Meow” said I.

“Look how cute”, responded the six-year-old with the curly blond hair.

“Meow, meow”, I replied.

“Here kitty, kitty, kitty”, said the delicate blue-eyed babe as she called me towards her nest.

“Meow, meow, meow”, was my response as I genuflected before her, bowing my head as I caressed her ankle with my long white fur.

I continued tightly circling her as I massaged her with my fur, till she reached down to pet me and I offered her my claw! As she screamed in pain and the blood spilled from her wrist, the darling retreated within her lair, unbeknownst of her infliction as I licked her spilled blood and scampered down the street.

There I lay in waiting for my next victim, the next innocent child to grace my presence. ‘It would not be long now,’ I thought to myself, consoling my spirit. Then I saw little Jimmy emerge from his refuge and begin heading in my direction. I stepped out from my seclusion, demanding “meow!” The boy was quick to adhere to my commands, bending over and reaching down towards me. With a wave of my paw I secured a slash to his wrist, and as I tasted his blood I felt his soul, trapped within my confines. I scampered down the street, away from my prey, towards my lair.

There I waited for a calm relaxing feeling to overwhelm me. I would bide my time, I was in no rush. Foolhardy would it be to advance my cause without heed of my well being, for I was not immortal. I had already lost a life much too foolishly and a life is a terrible thing to waste. I swore on my deathbed I would never die again! As I lay, I watched my long white fluffy hair shed and my short gray dense hair grow in its place, and as I closed my blue eyes, I dozed off for a little catnap.

As I slept my subconscious filled with dreams of Penny being cared for by Mrs. Robertson as she delicately bandaged the poor girl’s wrist. As my dream focused in on little Jimmy, I could see the rage in his eyes as he reared back with the bat and swung in full force upon his father’s head. As the blood poured, I heard the screams of Mrs. Robertson, and saw the steak knife penetrate her neck and begin to twist, as Penny forcefully carved through her mother! As the ravage screams bellowed in my mind, I awoke to the sound of sirens piercing through my eardrums. I opened my green eyes and a smile came upon my face as I stretched out upon the cool grass and went on my way.

As I strolled down the street, I could feel the souls of the young impressionable all about me and I longed to scar them with my rage, but my survival instincts overruled my passions as I just merrily pranced along. My foolish endeavors of my last deployment had led to my previous demise. I would not be so impatient this time. I must bide my time or risk the grave consequences of another fatality. Having only seven remaining lives, I feel the urgency to displace myself from my latest adventure. I have decided to begin making my way in your direction, till then, sweet dreams and, “meow! Meow”!

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