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Lucy's Violin

"The devil lends Jacob his violin"
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Jacob Neilheimer was a gifted musician. Even as a young child, before he could walk, he could play songs on his grandmother's piano. His family, a family of means was elated and proud of Jacob. They brought the best tutors, they place him in the best schools and provided him the best kind of instructions that money could buy. Their investment proved worthy, Jacob in his young age, was better than his teachers were and better than his tutors. At around 13, he could play various types of instruments but he fell in love with the violin. He had much success with the violin and he achieved fame.

Jacob was considered one of the best violinists in the world and every year, professionals of all ages would compete against Jacob and fail. Professionals who had practiced all their lives and great musicians would look like amateurs in comparison to Jacob. Any piece, no matter how difficult, no matter how long, the young boy Jacob could do masterfully. Some people in envy would mutter under their breath that Jacob was the son of Lucifer himself or he perhaps he made a pact with the devil. Perhaps it would have been easier for everyone to appreciate Jacob's talent if he was not so cruel and mean. As he grew older into his teen years, Jacob was more bashful and he would shame the people he competed with. After a while, no one would compete against him because Jacob would defeat his opponent.

For many years, Jacob reigned as the best violinist in the world. Until he heard one day of a girl named Delphine King. She was a slow child. She needed assistance for the most basic of things such as putting on her clothes and even eating. She was child-like in a sense and she barely spoke but she was loved dearly by her parents and family who cared for her. Her family was not as wealthy as Jacob as most of the money that came into their home was used for their own survival. Delphine's mother was a music teacher and she despite her own daughter limitation wanted her daughter to have a normal life as possible. She would play the piano for her daughter and eventually the violin.

Delphine responded well to the violin from when she was young. The violin opened doors for Delphine and her family felt closer to her. Word soon spread about Delphine and she too became famous. The money that she made, her parents applied to better treatment options and Delphine was thriving. Her family did not care for the violin; they were much more content that Delphine was happy and thriving as a person. They were content that she could make friends and be seen as an amazing person, not as someone who needed to be pitied. 
She was Delphine the great violinist, not Delphine the poor disabled girl across the street. 
Word spread quickly and Delphine was able to make a true name for herself. Soon, Jacob became interested and challenged her to play with him. It was a musical event, two gifted, famous musical prodigies showcasing their talents. The concert hall was filled within hours of announcements and to watch it on television; you had to pay a fee.

On the night of the event, Jacob and Delphine played duets and finally in the final hours each played some of the most difficult pieces. Finishing their concert with one of the most difficult pieces in the world, Paganini Caprice No.24. They played together but Delphine's skill clearly overpowered his and it was evident in the crowd that they noticed how magnificent and unreal Delphine's ability was. 

Frustrated and irritated, Jacob played more furiously, this time facing Delphine but Delphine in her mental limitations paid no mind to Jacob, continued to play without noticing him which enraged Jacob. In her world, nothing else existed except the music, the strings and its own noises.

Jacob was insulted and he played more furiously but in mid-piece Jacob’s violin broke, its string popping off its bridge. An assistant clearly gave Jacob a brand new violin but by that point, he had already lost. Delphine's command and control enthralled the crowd and she finished the piece with such magnificent that even Jacob was bitterly impressed. The crowd jumped to its feet when Delphine finished, in a roar of applause and praise. Jacob was invisible and everyone for those three minutes of grand applause had forgotten him. That was the first time Jacob had ever be out of the spotlight that he could remember and it was a cold feeling. Delphine waved thank you and quickly ran off the stage to her parents arms. All the excitement and noise confused Delphine. The violin did not mean the same thing to Delphine as it meant to Jacob and the world. The violin was Delphine's passport to the world. The violin meant something else to Jacob and that night he was crushed. In a single night, he had lost a large portion to himself and too someone who the mental capacities of a child.

Lost and alone, he went to one of his cabins in the mountains to be alone and practice his violin for at least ten hours a day. He remained there for months, so long that the seasons began to change from summer to fall and eventually winter. On a cold night, exhausted from a long day of practicing, he laid on his plush bed for the night. In the silence of the room, he thought he heard the sound of playing violins. It was dark music and it sent chills down his back but it was so beautiful and he could hear the technique even as faint as it was. He left his warm bed and followed the sound into the middle of the snowy woods.

He saw a bright light in the distance and as he came closer, he could not believe his eyes. There was a large pit fire and several people with violins playing around the fire, dancing and circling. The music was unreal and beautiful but it was frightful and dark. It is sounded like laughter and cruelty if that could able is captured in music. He wanted to join them and dance with them. He watched for a while and then the tallest one began to play and he was clearly the best of them all. His violin was white and the bow was made of ivory, it was a beautiful instrument. The tallest one, a boy in probably his mid-teens danced and played around the fire while the other cheered and clapped their hands. Excited and wanting to join, he foolishly he entered their circle and said loudly, "hello!"

Everyone stopped in their tracks and Jacob was horrified. The men were shirtless despite the cold weather and instead of legs; they had the legs of a goat, even hooves. "Oh my God," Jacob said taking steps back into the woods. "Your God cannot help you here," said the teenage boy. He was a beautiful and handsome child with black hair like raven feathers and black big eyes that were unnatural but still enchanting to see. "Who are you?" Jacob asked. He looked over the boy's shoulder and all the others were gone. It was just him and the boy. 
"My name is Lucifer but you can call me Lucy. If I am correct, you sought me out." The boy said with a smile.
"You look nothing like I imagine. You're just a kid." Jacob said in disbelief.
"Believe me I am no child," the boy said darkly. 
"I didn't’t call you a-," Jacob said.
"Human man, what is it that you need?" Lucy asked.
"I need to improve my playing skill. I been beaten and I need to get better but all the hours, all the work, all the practice, it means nothing!" Jacob said almost holding back a sob. Lucy nodded and he handed Jacob his violin. Up close, the instrument was a remarkable sight. It was wondrous. "What is it made of?" Jacob asked breathlessly touching the sleek and beautiful violin."

"Things your world can never create. Wood from the very trees in the Garden of Eden forged in hell's fire and polished with tears of joy from archangels. The bow made from an elephant tusk from God's own personal garden. The string? Human flesh finely sliced and preserved to echo true emotions of humanity. You can never replicate this violin. This is my very own personal violin. This artisanship cannot be duplicated, cannot be replicated, this is the finest violin in the universe. The violins in God's own choir pales in comparison to this violin. It is priceless. I took me the eqiventlent of 3,000 human years to collect and make this violin." Lucy said. He pulled the violin away, "but of course any violin is only as good as its master. I will lend you my violin, this beautiful piece for exactly two years starting from the moment that you signed the contract." 
"Two years?" 
"Yes, that is a bargain. I usually give people six months. I will give you two years. That should be plenty of time to crush your rival. Delphine, correct?" 
"After the two years?" Jacob asked.
"Your soul for me to take." The devil said darkly. "Do you accept human man?" 
"Yes." Jacob said he took the violin and a cold gust blew forcing Jacob to cover his eyes. When everything cleared, there was no fire but the air echo of a violin playing and the music echoed musical laughter.

The Devil's violin was a true masterpiece and combined with his skills, Jacob reclaim his title as one of the best violinist in the world. He could play anything with such emotion that he could draw silent tears of pain from entire crowds and gain standing ovations. His borrowed violin was another piece that captured the world, a white violin that was so marvelous to look at. No one was allowed to touch the violin and the Devil who attended every concert, big or small, made sure of it. Despite his renewed fame and respect, Jacob only had one thing in mind and that was to play with Delphine once more. With the help of his publicist, they arranged another concert with Delphine. The tickets were sold out within an hour and when the big day came, people stood in Times Square to watch from the giant screens. Jacob and Delphine played Paganini Concertos once more and it was a true tie, note for note with such excellence that people watched held their breaths.

They were true masters of the violins and they seemed tied. Frustrated at Delphine's immaculate precision, he glanced at the Devil and an evil thought crossed his mind. It was not a wish per se but he wanted Delphine to relent and the strings of her violin popped. Elated, he played with new vigor but when Delphine was handed a new violin, she caught up with Jacob and played as if nothing happened. Angered again, Jacob played with fury and they finished the song together, note for note, beautifully.

Enraged, Jacob realized that with Lucy's violin, he was only Delphine's equal. She was truly the better violinist. The crowd stood on their feet and the critics had generous praise about the Delphine and Jacob but all that meant nothing to Jacob. In his green room, Jacob mourned his loss and Lucy came in.” What is wrong? I told you the violin is only as good as its owner. Delphine can truly play. I should have given my violin to her." Lucy said taking a seat next to Jacob.
"You told me that I would be better than Delphine with your violin."
Lucy rolled his eyes and said, "Fine." Lucy walked to the window and opened the blinds. Jacob came to his side and stared out the window and below in the streets Delphine was running wild into the streets, her parents chasing after her. "Stop her! Stop her please!" her mom screamed franticly, "save my daughter!” No one but Jacob, Lucy and Delphine saw the demons that chased her. Jacob and Lucy watched gleefully as the dark shadows chased Delphine straight into a street where a car hit her before her parent’s eyes.

Delphine survived but the car hit her head, broke her arm and some ribs. She was in a coma for months. Jacob was king in the music world now that Delphine was gone. When Delphine awoke from her coma, she was sent to physical therapy but the doctors or anyone believed she would not be able to play as she used too. Her parents did not want her near a violin anymore. The violin meant nothing to her parents, only her well-being and after such an accident, her being alive was more than what they ever wanted. No more media, no more concerts, just her alive in their home.

Delphine was forgotten by the world but fame was not important to her. She did not understand what it was. What she wanted was too play again. On a snowy afternoon, after her appointment with her physical therapist, her mother and she walked down Times Square. Christmas was around the corner and her mother searched for gifts for the family. Delphine noticed a music shop across the street and a beautiful violin in the window. She had not played the violin in so long and the impulse was too much. With her mother's purse in her arms, she crossed the street and quickly brought the violin. In the street, she dropped everything into the soft snow, her mother's purse, the violin case and she took off her jacket. Once she was freed from all her mother's rules, she lifted the violin to her shoulder and began to play one of her favorite songs that she felt perfectly describe what she had been feeling silently in the past months, Vitali Chaconne, In this song, her grief flooded into the air, stopping the people around her in their tracks. Under the falling snow, she played to her heart's content, not paying attention to the world around.

Her mother, frantic, rushed out the shop and saw her daughter playing in the middle of a spell bound crowd. She made mistakes, as her fingers were not as fast as they used too but she kept playing anyway and still her music was spectacular. For ten minutes, Delphine froze time. No one moved, cars stopped and the citizens of New York paused to hear what she wanted to say for so long. Paparazzi took pictures of her and people took video of her splashing her marvelous comeback all over printed mediums and the internet. It was not long until Jacob saw this and despite the mistakes she made, the world could not get enough of her. She was an inspiration, someone that meant and reminded the world of how great the human spirit can be.

Delphine was invited to a holiday concert to display her abilities and the organizers pushed Jacob back to make room for her. He was enraged. How can a girl with such limited abilities taunt him so? He went to Lucy and demanded for answers and the Devil smoking on a cigar said, "Her creator did not want her with him, only he decides who will meet with Death and who will not."

Filled with hot envy, he filled on alcohol and stumbled onto the rehearsal hall where Delphine played like an angel as if she was never injured. "How can you do this?" Jacob yelled from the stands."How the hell can you be this good? Is it Lucy? Tell me! IS IT LUCY?"
Everyone in the hall looked at Jacob utterly confused. 'Who is Lucy?" everyone murmur. In a drunken stupor, he walked on the stage yelling at Delphine but the girl never looked at him, instead she continued to play without interruption, completely ignoring him as if he did not exist.

"I'll make you see me!" Jacob yelled and he lifted Lucy violin to struck Delphine, hoping to kill her but the stage floor cracked and black clawed hands pulled Jacob through. “Wait! No! Lucy Wait!" Jacob cried trying to fight the black demons that pulled him. The sound of playing violin erupted in the air but it sounded like musical laughter. Fire erupted through the floor, engulfing Jacob. The hall broke out into chaos except for Delphine who remain in her chair playing her violin. "How can she do this?" Jacob groaned painfully. He squinted his eyes and saw for the first time, an angelic child sitting at Delphine's feet. The boy stared at Jacob with unnatural big blue eyes and fluttered his wings as if he stretching. 
At that point, Delphine finally stopped playing and looked at Jacob and fro the first time he could ever remember, she smiled darkly, at him, taunting him. She knew and she understood completely.

The fire consumed Jacob and the demons dragged him to hell. Lucifer, shirtless and in his true form with goat feet picked up his violin and gleefully danced around the fire as he played a gleeful dark song. At the end of his song, the devil bowed and jumped into the fire. The fire died leaving a scorched hole in the ground. Minutes later, firefighter and officials searched for Jacob's body in the hole but they never found him. No one ever did.

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