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The Supervillain - Chapter 1 to 6

The true account of I and my four colleagues in tracking the worlds most dangerous killer.

As followers of my testimony thus far will authenticate,

I (Goitye Powerhouse), and four others of exceptional strength and mind, have taken the future of humanity in our own hands, to descend upon the house of the devil.

We fought our way into that home -- of immense serial killings-- with that express intention of ending whatever unholy power, human or inhuman had come to earth in December 2012 A.D in the form of 'The supervillain'.

My previous accounts:

SUPERVILLAIN - chapter one
SUPERVILLAIN - chapter two
When last we spoke, I related how, I, (myself a writer of marginal acclaim), Eric Voormiez (A wise occult librarian of serpentine cunning), Lianne Chen (Sexy martial arts expert, who can also wield a pistol), Aliz Alif (Cowardly but wildly intelligent scholar of Islamic relics) and Karnar (Trained warrior of the secret order of Chinese monks called 'Dracar', who legend foretells have kept back foul things beyond the mystical dragon gates of outer-earth, back since the days of primordial hyperborea) ..had assembled in the library/study of Voormiez' mansion to discuss our mission..

Whereupon, Voormiez had revealed to us the strange truth of --the 'Cult of Saturn's' summoning ritual… the rite of 'the Sotharian lurker'. What I will skip from the next segment of that account, are the two hours we spent studying the rest of the hard disks in our possession. Bear in mind, the horrifying contents of these disks will be shared alongside future chapters.

I will return now, to the moment we stepped back into the adjacent room of the study, perplexed and anxious by the contents of the silver disks, but on the whole ready to take on our titanic and malevolent foe. This overconfidence would soon be checked. For what happened next, was the start of that terrifying strangeness which was to mark the rest of our hadic adventure.

It was I, who was the first to notice the element of doubt in our sudden dark inception. The suggestion that this dream which we called 'life', had taken on a horrific meaning. Upon our return that strange Arabic disk, which Alif had dropped upon the floor not two hours before, was somehow still spinning! Breaking the very laws of thermodynamics, the islamic coin remained at break neck speed in perpetual motion on the cold hard wood floor in front of us, though I alone, had just now noticed it. Only in dreams had…..

'There!' I cried pointing at the coin in terror. Karnar stepped backwards, fearful of some black witch craft…. 'The DEVIL himself!' he cried at the only thing he feared. Lianne Chen went immediately towards the coin, and knelt before it to observe its ritual. 'Now that I will say… is strange… Is this some magic trick Alif?' …slowly the four of us turned to Aliz questioningly who was facing away from us toward the far wall. 'This is no trick.' he replied, in a mournful tone. Voormiez took a moment to study the coin, and the static fibres that had grown erect on a nearby couch..'Its some form of magnetism, or static electricity', said he 'but where the devil is it coming from?'

Suddenly, the wrath of mother nature unleashed an array of thunder and lightning, lighting up the room, and illuminating also the three, multi-panelled windows looking outside of the house and into that night's-eye. Almost rattling the rectangles of glass from their white wooden holders. An irregular purple storm front, seemed to be falling in towards the mansion at ferocious speed outside. Voormiez gave the three of us facing him a curious look, as if he was conscious of something that we were not.

He moved slowly, but consistently towards the green lamp at his desk, but just as he reached it with a sneaky pounce of victory, one of the great windows blasted open, and an insane demonic wind pushed into the library chambers, seizing an entourage of loose leaf papers up from the desk into Vormiez's face and around the room in a serpentine trail. Eric's face became contorted with wrinkled rapids, as if he was standing behind a jet engine. I ran to seal the window, when I heard Lianne's chilling scream. A scream all the more frightening from someone who usually held such an air of nonchalance and cool apathy.

Turning around, I saw, that horror I had never looked upon, but long feared. A magical sight which truly suggested the existence of an evil, supernatural or alien power, far beyond the petty sciences of man. The spinning coin on the floor was now statically discharging a discomforting celestial glow, of some colour which fell beyond our known spectrum of light, and a red mist of foul smelling odours seemed to be emanating from the very floor beneath us! All of us gagged upon smelling that odour, too ancient to be part of our earth's short history.

The red gas twirled in front of my feet, or around my feet as if encircling them from its origin… that open window behind me! Then that foul methanous gas …pulsed in little gaseous outbursts… in a crooked line, like some wizards lightning bolt, cracking the floor all the way from where my feet lay….to where Aliz Alif had once been standing, and was now, I daren't put it into words for fear of comprehension, levitating!

As if plucked up by the very strings which animated him, some foul demons puppet, Alif was now dancing in the air above his shadow, smothered in that awful, stink-red mist. His hideous, jig was like a tribal victory dance on accursed rites unseen, and best unknown. We all gazed now, at that dancing back, which began to turn towards us, with a motion granted only to satan's hordes, unnatural and magical, like the spinning of a coin. The floating possessed puppet-corpse of Alif faced us now, though we could barely stare at his face, for like the sun, it seemed to emanate a red heat, that burnt the flimsy human retina of our weak facilities and maddened us to the very core.

'This be no trick, earth scum. Your race faces annihilation, and your planned deeds shall fall limp this fated night,' even as he spoke, the vocal chords in his throat seemed to become more amplified, like a croaky electric guitar, running through unearthly frequencies. An orb of lightning then manifested from inside the room, in a sudden clap of Zeus like wrath, knocking all but Alif, onto the floor. I saw for a short second, Voormiez steal behind the table giving me a meaningful glare that said 'watch this space'. Had our friend Alif been possessed by the devil?

I was petrified, unable to move, unable to make a rational decision, only somehow fathoming that I must be dreaming or hallucinating.

Karnak dashed now boldly at the imposter who had taken the form of our dear companion, baring his fists, and… as his feet made the five long steps between Karnak's opening pose, and Alif's floating body, the thing dancing amidst the red-methane, yet still had time to let out an evil, star-choking laugh…. Before raising its altered hand, with browned skin pigment, and gnarled claws rising from its ends, about which the red mist turned a fiery shade of flame-forming air-glue -- which leapt dream like into Karnak's Olympian chest, forcing him backwards... like a child was pushing a toy racing car, until he collided meteorically with Vormiez desk,, cracking the fine woodwork into shards and knocking that protective green light off onto the floor where it shattered and dimmed the room to a pure malificient red.

I heard Lianne scream once more, but this time with as much deliberation and hatred as with terror. I, was now looking at her sultry and vivacious profile, which was romantically lit by that promethean midnight red filter…..that colour of truth which made everything of the one dark blood, it flickered horribly. I watched in awe as her body seemed to work itself into a rhythmic flow of ballet like punches, kicks and karate fingered challenges to the floating Djinn. 'Yiiiiaaaaaa-oooowwwwww-ahhhh' she screamed as she launched herself at the evil sprite in an array of fluid kicks.

Once more, the farting, crimson, deadite (who grew less human in appearance by the second)…. laughed, an infernal laugh 'Hika hika hika Tchaaaaa. Think's thou stronger than all of war and fury combine-eurghd?', the beast had raised it's claws up above it's head. mimicking the baphomet. Folding its legs in that satanic yoga pose. In mid air, something caught the mind of she-warrior Chen and clouded her ability to think, forming a visible fog around her head, she stumbled and swayed around the room. I looked on helpless… as, some abominable kind of viral infection seemed to rise out of her eyes, and spread in twisting black vein formations all about her once beautiful face. 'Lianne!' I shouted helplessly as she turned to face me, infected by some horrible disease, 'help me', she pleaded, before falling silently to the floor, as if turned to stone.

I prayed for deliverance. No words can express my unfathomable terror, as that thing raised a cold smile and stared, bird like in my direction, I, the sole standing member of our once, seemingly invincible team. Perhaps I could express it as one million squared times worse, than when Voormiez had released that polar bear earlier, in safer and more empowering hours. Somehow even thinking on that bear had shielded my mind... with protection from pure darkness. Freezing some part of hell itself, and I felt that the thing above us, wickedly reading my thoughts and curiously fearing I had sensed its acchilles heel. The thing began to squeal loudly and with a burst of glass, all went dark in that room, even the red poison gas had faded, and I sunk into deepest despair, my soul becoming mortally afraid of all things.

In the din to follow, I heard only sounds which had sealed my temporary salvation.

A large, thunderous blast came from where Karnak was lying. Then an explosion of luminous green mist from where I had last seen the floating thing, and a clucking, sewer deep high pitched moan, sunk, and faded until all was silent. And with the mercy of darkness, and the lightheadedness of all sanity abandoned, I fainted there upon the darkened wooden rafters of Voormiez study.

When we all awoke, once more bathed in safe white light, all four of us sitting on Voormiez mahogany chairs, it felt like we had only been asleep for a quarter second. Our first vision on awaking, was Voormiez standing by the desk, breathless and sweating. Somehow, all that which had previously fallen into disrepair, the broken lamp, the scattered papers, the open window, the cracked desk, was all returned to its unhindered state. Looking in leaps, I saw that Karnak was confusedly aware that strange changes had taken place, whilst Chen touched her beautifully restored face. Alif did best to apologise to all…. for he knew not what strange insanity had just come over him, and on the floor in front of us, that accursed Arabic coin had finally ground to a standstill and lay motionless like a styxian payment to reality, on the eyes of all those who had witnessed this bizarre and blasphemous incident.

Voormiez was the only one seeming to have manifested lasting effects from that waking nightmare, his green jacket ripped, and tie undone. In his left hand he was clutching a magnificent smoking revolver in the direction from whence he had all, but seconds ago blasted a facsimile of Aliz floating in the air.

Now, wiping his brow, he opened the six-gun style cartridge of the old saloon magnum. He pulled from it a shiny bullet which sung a green hymn of luminosity. 'A jade bullet.' said Voormiez with fear, 'Well how lucky it is!…..that I did come prepared, and yet I told you it was so. I was starting to think you all doubted your elected grand mason.'

'WHAT on earth was that?', said I.. 'No.' corrected Voormiez worryingly 'Not of earth I don't think.' Once more we leapt to our feet and everyone began speaking loudly over the top of one another, trying to get to the bottom of the phantom party of impiety we had just witnessed. 'LADIES… GENTLEMEN… please!!!' commanded Voormiez, 'this is not the time to argue or quarrel..' Lianne had grabbed Alif by the scruff of his Bisht and shaking him until his crimson fez fell off his very head, 'what manner of devil have you brought--…', 'Twas not me!!!' Alif defended himself. Karnak meanwhile, rapidly grabbed a leather sack he had left by the door earlier and pretrieved from it a large steel axe, determined that he would never again be unprepared for such an attack. 'Voormiez… I must know?… What just happened.'

'It is probably best, for the moment, that you all consider that manifestation as nothing more dangerous than a dream.', 'Living nightmare' I harked up, 'you mustn't be serious??' he shushed me angrily, 'Shhh, there is no time for this, If what I fear is true…. then we have not seen the last of these manifestations, it means our time is scarce and we MUST now make our way to that demon's lair and end all of this.'

'Friends, grab your coats and follow me, for the time is at hand, I urge you NOT to turn on each other for that is precisely what these things would have you do. COME!'

We all unanimously wielded to Voormiez unquestioning authority over the one hundred and 11th faction of the eye of the owl (TEOTO). We charged quickly through the halls of the mansion and down the luxurious Victorian stairs to the lobby. On my way down, I couldn't help but feel some sinister presence which followed us. From where that strange Islamic coin lay upstairs, as though entropy itself were hinged upon it, and I did notice things out the corner of my eye, which weaved in a trail from that very coin, almost following us.

It was nothing much, just papers and books lying on the floor which I didn't think had been lying there when I arrived at the mansion earlier in the evening. A trail of chocolate wrappers and rubbish along the carpet in the hall before the stairwell, in spite of the fact that I knew for certain in what pristine and immaculate condition Voormiez kept his premises at all times. Then as we tip toed down the zig zag patterned, green and yellow carpet on the stairs, I perhaps even felt, I saw in my periphery, strange wet pools or stains, forming on the very carpet, as we walked. Some evil followed us, and for a moment, even in the safety of our noble group, I momentarily felt alone, dwarfed by this sinister shroud of crimsonic ugliness and purish evil (If evil can be in any sense pure). I vouch nonetheless, these unspoken machinations of mine, remained at this point still, 'only a feeling'.

We followed Voormiez to the large double door of his house, and he pointed to four backpacks by the door. 'Grab those', he commanded, and we surely did, Aliz stopped to ask what was in them, but Voormiez thrust the bag on his back ' I don't have time to explain now, I can only INSIST that you trust me, and I will explain as we make our way to the facility.' Whilst saying this he pulled five pieces of paper out of his pocket, 'here is a map, for each, in case we lose each other.' and handed them out. 'Of course we can keep in contact on 'whisper' via our comm-links'. Then, pulling a small yellow pouch from his pocket he turned, reaching into the bag and threw a cloud of sandy dust in each of our eyes, before rapidly approaching the two large black rings which opened those majestic doors of his enormous-house. I could hear a maniacal wind blowing outside.

'RIGHT!!!!' he exclaimed, 'I hope you are all prepared for whatever waits for us out there. Prepare your body. Prepare your mind… And most of all dear friends…prepare your soul.' And with that he wrenched open the doors and we stepped out, all five of us in a hesitant arrow formation, staring out into the night, which had been transformed into some eternal purple storm. I know not how to say, but that the very clouds which manoeuvred wickedly in that odd purple moonlight, seemed to shriek from their four corners, those angelic trumpets which heralded the end of the world itself. Nay 'twas a madness even worse than any apocalypse, some mad permanence, permanence of some monster more foul than demon.

I had taken a look at my map, given me by Voormiez as we made our way from the house, down the long flat, and stony driveway towards the car. Trying to keep one eye on that ragged path, as I hurried in formation with my five accomplices. Of the map, I can impart this, Voormiez mansion resides in an Australian city, precisely the nature of that city I can only allude to its shape, for none of you… I dare say… will know it. But so I can put this map into perspective imagine a coastal city.

Along the Western border of the map sleeps the ocean, if one traces their eye to the bottom left corner, iconography will represent the Delham lighthouse, and Berkeley county asylum surrounded by bushland reserve. The asylum itself sits not 30 metres from a sharp cliff, a magnificent quay, marrying a loch, upon which is also an old and beautiful cemetery. Leading one's eye back to the middle of the map one looks on the city CBD. The artery roads of which... form a cross inside a rectangle, from the centre of that X spreads the tangled lattices of offices, high rises, streets, apartments and the surrounding suburbs of the city which spread out in a majestic, endarkening spider's web.

Norther one finds a small upper class suburb, where yachts line the Western sandy shores, to the right of this, even further inland, one finds Vormiez house, twenty blocks from Chistle-thwick race-course.

Marked in green highlighter on all of our maps, is the (seemingly) simple trajectory from Voormiez house, marked with a green triangle upon a square, down the long central major super-highway of the city, which runs conveniently, not thirteen blocks from Voormiez house right down the full length of the map…. to the parallel trailing farm land, which sits in line with Bourkeley Institution in the bottom row of the page. A stark green line runs down the highway (Drawn by Voormiez himself), to a turn off which runs into the last industrial zone before the aforementioned farm land, where our destination is marked, with a coloured circle. This is where we understand Frank Webster to currently sleep, in a warehouse of no consequence, and with no known owner.

The trip seems, childishly simple, but after what we have witnessed this night, I am not so confident even of making it to Voormiez dark-orchid coloured Cadillac which is parked horizontally not 20 metres in front of us, as we run towards it. Above it is that nine panelled window, of that luxurious study where we sat in safety, not less than four minutes ago.

I pocket the map. Gazing once more into that abhorrent mauve-grey sky, where electric angelic flashes of promethean lightning, fall down like dying gods upon the silhouette of that young and virgin city, which has never known such evil… that evil now enveloping it. 'Try not to look back at the house!!' yells Voormiez, but a few metres ahead of us, that old cursed warning.. I can't help but wish …had never been issued. For it consumes me.

Temptation awed and plagued me to see what troubled the sight of Voormiez' mansion. My periphery once more seemed to perceive that consuming darkness of weird entropy, leaving rotten mess where once there was none. Not five metres before we reached the doors of the car, I daren't say I saw, something once more enveloping my feet. But this was no jovial red mist. By natures foulest fungus and decay, what I saw, looked like, some rapidly spreading MOULD or slime. A living plant-of-anti growth... of decay, following our steps, and as we opened and slammed those doors in quick succession. I feared to look down and see that lone piece of growing grey and greenish mulch which had somehow birthed itself on my black steel capped shoe.

What happened on that fateful ride to the supervillain's house, you'll glean in Chapter four. But for now, allow your mind to flashback to the past, just as I did, sitting in that car, reminiscing fearfully on the all too relevant contents of that hard disk, which Voormiez himself could shed no light on, that which seemed now, to offer some explanation to these alien hallucinations.

The contents of disk G555egg44:


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