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Captain Scrotum and the SS thrust: chapter 13

"The Chapter heading says it all. Guess who's back!"

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Chapter 13 Guess Who’s Back.

Marvin had docked his cloaked ship and teleported into the engine room of the Screaming Mia, killing everyone who was there. Then he plugged a device into the Ship's computer and transmitted a virus to disable the ship’s AI, and turned off the main power.

The backup lighting and life support were still working, but gravity had been reduced. The door opened, and two more men entered, Marvin spun around shooting them both before they could get a shot off. 

He had detected the sexual energy and followed it to this ship. Although he was curious how she had survived the asteroid field and how she ended up on a pirate ship? He didn’t really care as long as he could collect her and get paid. Maybe he would ask her on the way to the Empire.

Roberto orgasmed with a groan, just before the lights went out, “What’s going on?”

Sweet-Cheeks smiled, “We are having lots of great sex,” she replied, breathing heavily.

“I meant with the power,” Roberto replied, as he got up and went over to his control panel, “Bridge report,” no response, “Engineering?” the comm’ stayed silent, “Murdock, anyone come in?”

Sweet-Cheeks went over to her outfit, in the pocket was the interface watch that Lilly had recommended she take, “Lilly what's going on?” She asked.

“Oh now you wish to talk to me, I heard you, give it to me yes captain yes yes YES!!! It was sickening, and how much cum is on your boobs. You slut!”

“Can we discuss this later?” Sweet-Cheeks asked as she wiped the sticky mess off her breasts. “Oh my god, Lilly is right, I am a huge slut!” she thought to herself.

“Lilly run a scan find out why the Mia has no power,” Sweet-Cheeks said, realising they could be in trouble.

Lilly was quiet for a second, “There is an intruder, sensors are picking up a small cloaked ship attached to a maintenance hatch. There are no life signs in engineering. The central computer, communication, weapons, shields, and engines are all offline. I think the hunter has found you horny girl. You deserve a spanking.”

Roberto and Sweet-Cheeks quickly got dressed. Roberto grabbed his weapon, while Sweet-Cheeks repeated “Oh shit,” over and over.

They both left his quarters heading for the bridge. “How did he find you?” Roberto asked.

“I er… I let off a sexual energy when I’m… err… pleasured. With the right scanner, you can detect it.” She admitted.

Roberto was about to ask her why she hadn’t told him that before he realised, he had wanted her as much as she wanted him. “Damn, we will have to program our shields to mask that, if we get can get away from him.”

He suddenly slowed, “Maybe we can use that. Let's get back to my brother's ship.”

Scrotum didn’t like having a gun pointing at him, although at least he wasn’t shooting at him, yet. Most people who Scrotum met usually ended up shooting at him. It wasn’t his fault. People just didn’t like him.

“Where are you taking me?” Scrotum inquired as he scratched his balls, his pubes were starting to grow back and were itchy.

“We are going to the brig. I'm going to lock you up,” Murdock replied.

Scrotum looked back at the three men Murdock was short, a good kick to the groin would stop him, but the other two were huge. He wasn’t going to be able to fight his way out of this. Not that he had ever won a fight before.

As they turned a corner, they saw a large man dressed in black drawing a spear from his back. Scrotum screamed and ran as Murdock and his men opened fire.

Marvin smiled as he blocked the laser fire with his spear and personal force field as he approached the men.

Scrotum didn’t want to see. He believed that was the hunter, scarier than he had imagined. He heard one man scream in pain, then another who suddenly went silent. 

Scrotum stopped at the elevator and pushed the up button. He couldn’t remember where his ship was. He would have to try each deck in turn. He looked back the way he had run only to see the hunter walk around the corner. He let out an involuntary girly squeak, as the door opened before he jumped inside, and the door closed.

Scrotum breathed a sigh of relief. Then he heard a bang. He wasn’t sure what was happening until a laser was shot through the ceiling only just missing him. Scrotum screamed again as the door opened. He ran out of the elevator, only to see ten crewmen all with guns pointing at him. He almost wet himself, as he ran down the corridor, hoping they weren’t going to shoot him.

He looked back as an explosion shook the ship, the ten crew were dead, and the hunter was looking at them.

Marvin slowly looked over at Scrotum and started to chase him.

“Why is he after me?” he whined to himself as he stumbled and fell. He looked up, to see the hunter standing over him. 

“Please don’t kill me,” Scrotum begged, tears running down his face.

The man lifted his spear, pointing it at Scrotum's face. Scrotum closed his eyes.

After a few moments, he opened them. The hunter was gone, Scrotum breathed and stood up, as the wee ran down his orange onesie. He had to get back to his ship. 

He started running again. A smile flashed across his face. He recognised where he was. His ship was close. He entered the plank and saw the thrust. He ran down the long white corridor hoping to get the hell away alive.

He entered his ship and shut the door. “Lilly prepare for immediate departure, get me out of here,” He shouted before he saw Sweet-Cheeks playing with a dildo and his brother standing beside her a large gun in his hand. “What the fuck is going on?” he asked.

“Good morning Captain would you like me to suck your cock?” Lilly replied.

“Later Lilly, what's going on?”

“Oh, just Sweet-Cheeks is luring the hunter here. The plan is to get the plank back online and beam him into space. Even he can't survive out there for long.” Lilly explained.

“That’s a great idea.” Scrotum replied nodding his head.

Minutes passed, Roberto looked at his phone's clock, showing concern “How long L1” he asked.

“Ten minutes, I think,” Lilly replied, as Scrotum peered through the door and saw the hunter entering the corridor.

“We haven’t got ten minutes,” Roberto shouted as Sweet-Cheeks moaned in pleasure, breathing heavily. Scrotum looked at her, licking his lips, then looked at the hunter.

“Lilly open the door,” Scrotum ordered, Roberto looked stunned, and Sweet cheeks gasped, not caring what was going on.

“Did you hit your head?” Lilly asked Scrotum.

“No, I'm going to distract him.” Scrotum said as he grabbed his interface watch, and put it on. Thoughts of being the hero, and winning the girl, running through his head.

The door opened, scrotum took one step out of the ship looked and Marvin and suddenly changed his mind.

Roberto closed the door and placed a magnetic seal on it so it couldn't be opened. “Let me in!” Scrotum shouted as he banged on the door. But Roberto shook his head and pointed at the hunter.

In Scrotum's head distracting someone for ten minutes hadn’t sounded hard, but now he could see this murderous man with his spear, ten minutes seemed a lifetime. And his was going to end a little short.

He pushed a button on his watch, and a naked 3D image of a dancing woman was projected out. Marvin stopped approaching, muttering “What the fuck, is this fool doing.”

Scrotum was smiling as he changed the image, to a dancing blue skinned woman. She danced seductively, "Do you want it, big boy?" Lilly announced over the external comm.

This angered Marvin he thrust his hand into the hologram and activated his overload gauntlet, causing feedback, and Scrotum's interface watch exploded.

Scrotum cried out, waving his wrist, trying to put out the fire. Suddenly there was a whoosh, as the orange onesie caught fire and instantly turned to ash leaving him standing in front of the hunter, naked, with hairy stubble over parts of his body.

Roberto and sweet-Cheeks were watching, “Yea, they are very flammable,” Roberto mumbled to Sweet-Cheeks.

“What happened to his hair?” Sweet-Cheeks asked seeing stubble on his head and groin.

“He was decontaminated,” Roberto explained.

Scrotum stood there in horror, naked in front of this heavily armed hunter. 

Marvin wasn’t moving. He had never seen anything like this. No one was stupid to go against him unarmed let alone unrobed.

Slowly Marvin started walking forward. Scrotum just stood there. He was in shock.

The Hunter replaced his spear to his back and a dagger extended from his wrist. Scrotum still didn’t move. He was petrified.

“Carla!” Lilly suddenly shouted over the Comm. As the hunter drew his blade back, Scrotum kicked him in the balls as hard as he could.

“Carla?” Sweet-Cheeks asked Lilly.

“A Woman who always kicked him in the balls,” Lilly replied.

Scrotum was jumping around the corridor his broken foot throbbing in pain.

The hunter had already recovered. “Nice try but I was chosen to hunt the whoreas for one simple reason, I'm a Eunuch.”

Scrotum suddenly stopped jumping and started giggling. He knew what that meant, “You saying you haven’t got a peewee??” he asked.

“It was removed, and my libido lowered, so I am not distracted,” Marvin replied.

“That explains why you're so grumpy,” Scrotum said as he placed his foot on the ground and limped.

“I am so going to kill you,” Marvin shouted.

“No your not!” Lilly shouted over the comm, as the big gun on the thrust turned and pointed at Marvin.

“Would someone push my buttons, I'm not able to fire without help,” Lilly asked Sweet-Cheeks and Roberto,”

Sweet-Cheeks ran to the cockpit, in pushed the fire button. 

Marvin had more than enough time to activate his shields. He pushed his hand towards the gun, but scrotum got in the way, screaming as the overload shock pulse blew him off his feet.

The gun fired Marvin took a step back. His shields were holding. The blasts were not causing any damage but were forcing him backwards.

Scrotum was crawling towards his ship, his naked ass in the air.

Roberto noticed the lights flicker in the corridor. The power was back. He activated his communicator “Ready the transporter, let this hunter walk the plank!” he shouted.

“Wait Scrotum is still out there?” Sweet Cheeks cried out, as Lilly tried to open the outer door.

“And?” Roberto asked, not caring.

Marvin had recharged his overload blast. He pointed at the ship, and everyone inside took a nasty shock as the gun went offline. The pulse also overloaded the magnetic door seal and Lilly managed to half-open the doors. “Hurry Scrotie! naked women in your party room, with ice cream on their boobs."

Scrotum jumped up and hobbled to the ship.

“Transport now!” Roberto shouted, but nothing happened.

Scrotum had climbed into his ship before a laser beam struck him in the ass. He lay there thinking about naked women trying not to remember what was happening until the hunter came into view.

Marvin stood over Scrotum, “Where is the bitch! Tell me now, and I will make it quick or do you want to suffer like that bitch I left on your ship.” Marvin yelled down at him.

“Leave my Scrotie alone!!!” Lilly yelled as Anna charged into Marvin, knocking him back out of the ship. Marvin roared in anger raising his gun pointing it at Scrotum's naked, shaking ass before he vanished. 

“Transport compleat captain.” Murdock's voice came over to Comm. There was a pause as Murdock watched the hunter falling into the sun. “He is dead.” He had announced before there was an explosion. “Definitely dead!”

Sweet Cheeks celebrated by jumping into Roberto's arms kissing him deeply while forcing her hand down his pants, “Get a room!” Lilly said, appalled no one was helping Scrotum. Anna picked him up; he was unconscious. She carried him to his bed and left him sleeping after rubbing some regen cream on his burnt wrist and ass and broken foot.
Written by rbo
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