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Captain Scrotum and the SS Thrust, chapter 7

"looks like Scrotum is in trouble again."
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Chapter 7 a simple repair done badly.

Scrotum looked out of the window to the airlock. He knew there were many ways to die out there in the cold vacuum of space. He couldn’t understand why the engine was overheating. It was so cold out there someone would freeze to death within a minute, if not for the protective forcefields.

Scrotum slipped on his magnetic boots, then his force field belt, bracelets, leg bands and headband. Each one would last an hour and protected a section of his body. He vaguely remembered the speech his uncle had given him about leaving the ship when not in an atmosphere.

“Stupid,” he mumbled to himself.

He attached the oxygen mask and miniature tank to his belt. He couldn’t remember when it was last filled or checked. “it will be fine, I haven’t used it in years, should still be full.” Finally, he placed on the harness and tether. He stepped into the airlock and switched on the force fields and magnetic boots on. “Don’t forget the repair kit my horny hunk,” Lilly said over the comm.

Scrotum groaned, he had forgotten. He removed the harness, turned and clumped his way down to the engine room grabbed the Repair kit and went back to the air lock pushed the button and the door opened. 

Stepping out Scrotum blinked in surprise, “Wow it's pretty out here.” He said out loud.

“We can hear you,” Sweet-Cheeks said, surprising Scrotum. He still wasn’t used to having anyone else on his ship.

“Ok, Lilly where do I go.”

“Make your way to the right-hand engine hot stuff,” Lilly replied, and scrotum started walking “The other right sweety,” Lilly said after Scrotum had taken a few steps.

Scrotum paused and turned to face the other engine “That’s the one, my sexy man. I bet the pure oxygen is making you feel all horny. Scrotum could feel an erection forming again, but also felt a little light headed. “This is left, isn’t it?”

“It’s your left not, the ships left…” Sweet-Cheeks started to say before she realised she didn’t want to confuse him any more than was necessary. “It doesn’t matter Scrotie, that’s the one, just get there and fix it.”

“That’s what I was doing.” Scrotum moaned back.

General Knob was not a happy man, after a discussion with Mr. Dominic Genola, he knew a lot more about Captain Scrotum and who his father was. Dominic had eventually conceded the ships transponder codes meaning Knob could track the ship anywhere. What he hadn’t expected was to find his three under guards dead in the cargo bay.

Dominic was also not a happy. After Knob had found his three guards dead, he had instructed Dominic to shut down the station, “No ships in or out!” this was costing him credits. 

He had discovered a small ship had left while he and Knob were talking. Now fifty armed guards were arriving on his station. This was going to hurt his reputation. Several smugglers and criminals were in their ships, destroying evidence and hiding ill-gotten gains while waiting for an inspection. Others on route had changed their destination. Dom knew they would be giving his station a wide birth for a long time.

“It’s Scrotum's fault, it just has to be!” three deaths in the cargo bay which only Scrotum used, plus a scan of a fourth dead body, who else’s fault would it be? 

He watched Knob leaving in his ship with three other guards, leaving a captain Slit in charge. At least Slit was trying to keep the disruptions to a minimum, but until everywhere had been searched, or the perpetrator found, Dom knew his station was now practically a prison.

Knob shot off. He had a location of Scrotums ship, and he would find him and that woman who had hurt him and bring them both to justice or blow them out of the sky.

Scrotum had finally removed a panel and found a leaking hose. Lilly's voice came over the comm. Again, “Don’t let the blue stuff touch you, sexy beast, it's radioactive and can cause erectile dysfunction.”

Scrotum didn’t know many long words, but “erectile dysfunction” were two he did. After some moaning and complaining, Sweet-Cheeks eventually convinced Scrotum to perform the repair. In the end, she had to promise him an evening together. Which in her horny state they both knew could easily end up in sex.

“When you get back sweetie I will give you a sexy spanking,” Lilly said before explaining the repair, “You need to find the blue sealant tape and wrap it over the hole a few times. Scrotum had found the tape, but his first attempt had ended up with the tape on his arms with none over the hole at all. On his second attempt, he succeeded wrapping almost all the tape over the hose, covering the hole. Scrotum was quite proud of himself.

“There should be a silver cover hose in the repair box place it over the tape and squeeze it till it sticks together then replace the panel, sexy boy. Then repair is done.”

Scrotum found the hose and was about to place it over the damaged piping when a shadow formed over him. Scrotum watched it spreading over his ship before he looked up. There was a small ship closing on his position, “Lilly we have company, I bet they can help us…”

“Target lock detected!” Lilly shouted before the ship suddenly lurched to the right. Scrotum held on to the pipe he had been repairing screaming like a little girl.

“Get back in here!” Sweet-Cheeks cried, but the only reply she got was another high-pitched scream.

“Scrotum, we need to get out of here, or we are going to get blown apart!”

“I've got some recorded footage of Sweet-Cheeks with her fingers pumping her pussy, want to see? She's very naughty.” Lilly suddenly said. 

Sweet-Cheeks was horrified, but this focused Scrotums mind.

“Target lock detected,” Lilly stated again swinging back to the left but this time the ship opened fire.

A bolt of energy hit the side of the ship as Lilly tried to avoid the weapons fire without losing Scrotum who was desperately trying to walk in magnetic boots. The only thing, which was making him move towards the door, was the mental image of Sweet-Cheeks playing with herself. 

Another hit, the ship spun around while Scrotum swung his arms trying not to fall over, but he failed. Luckily the boot kept his feet firmly on the hull. Scrotum was gasping for breath. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion, and his asthma was making his chest hurt, as he struggled to get up.

“What are you doing?” Sweet cheeks shouted over the comm while watching Scrotum floundering like a fish with its tail stuck.

“Help me, please! I don’t want to die! Save me pretty please! I'm too young to die, think of my children!” scrotum begged as he flapped his arms unable to get up.

“You have kids?!” Sweet-Cheeks asked, very surprisedly.

“I might do one day,” scrotum puffed back.

Sweet-Cheeks shock her head, it would be easier if he was vaporised, but the ship was only firing at the functioning engine, trying to disable the ship, not destroy it. “Scrotum use the tether, wind yourself in.

Scrotum desperately searched his back. "Where is it?" he placed his hand on his shoulder only to find the harness wasn’t there, he had forgotten to put it back on. “I don’t have one,” he cried out sounding pitiful. 

Sweet-Cheeks ran to the airlock and put the harness on. There were only two forcefield units left. She placed one around her waist and the other around her neck. The forcefield only just covering her.

“Ill-advised, sexy lady,” Lilly said, but suddenly there was a jolt, the whole ship shook. 

The jolt had been so hard, Scrotum had left the ship and was floating away until his boots pulled him back to the ship with a bang. 

"Come on sexy," Lilly said trying to encourage him, "You need to get in here." she said, but Scrotum was to scared to move he had urinated in his trousers, and just stood there shaking as the last of his air leaked out into space.

“What am I doing!” Sweet-Cheeks shouted as she jumped through the air lock. She spread her arms and legs wide. Her fingertips were touching the edge of her forcefield.

Scrotum thought he was hallucinating as this beautiful semi-naked woman was heading towards him, her legs spread her breasts wobbling in the zero gravity. He smiled longing to be in her embrace until she hit him. She latched her muscular thighs around his waist, squeezing the last of the air out of his lungs, and leant back until she could see his boots and turned them off. 

She sat up latching her arms around his shoulders and kissed him allowing her air into his lungs. She hit the retract button on the tether, and it pulled them both back into the ship. 

“Get us out of here!” she gasped to Lilly.

As soon as the door was closed, the ship thrust forward, out of the weapons range. 

Scrotum sat on the floor wheezing heavily looking at his saviour. 

Sweet-Cheeks glanced at him before spitting on the floor. “My god when was the last time you brushed your teeth!” she shouted before spitting again. She then realised her ass was wet from his urine soaked trousers. She felt sick, “This man is discussing!” she thought to herself, “Please don’t sleep with him, or at worse, please don’t give him oral!”

“Thank you for saving me,” Scrotum said as he slowly got up but Sweet-Cheeks wasn’t in the mood for talking to him.

“Just go change your trousers, then get to the bridge, I doubt whoever that was is far behind us.” 

Sweet-Cheeks was right, Marvin (the hunter) had been surprised when the ship suddenly shot out of range. He had given them a few seconds head start but was now quickly closing on them. He enjoyed the hunt, but if the woman he was searching for were on this ship, the hunt would soon be over.

Scrotum walked into the cockpit and sat in his chair, having changed his trousers. He still hadn’t found any underwear but didn’t have time to worry about where they were. “How is the ship doing Lilly?” he asked.

“The repair is holding for now, but without the outer piping its only a matter of time before the patch fails sexy. Would you like your reward now?”

“Yes and some ice cream too.” The service bot brought a bowl of chocolate and fudge ice cream, to him, and an image of Sweet-Cheeks naked on the bed appeared on the primary monitor. Scrotum smiled as he spooned yummy ice cream into his mouth as his cock grew nice and hard before he realised Sweet-Cheeks was right behind him. 

She spun him around and slapped him across the face, splattering ice cream across the wall. “And you can forget about spending an evening alone with me!” She shouted appalled in his attitude towards her.

“I’m sorry,” Scrotum said before the ship shook again,

“What was that?” Sweet-Cheeks asked.

“An apology,” Scrotum replied before the ship shook violently. Several alarms and lights started flashing and beeping.

“Not your stupid apology, that!” she shouted before the ship lurched to one side. Sweet cheeks fell onto Scrotum, his face being squished into her boobs, not that he minded.

“I’m sorry to stop your horny fun, but we are being fired at.” Lilly stated “taking evasive manoeuvres.”

“I thought we lost him.” Scrotum cried, looking at the monitor which was flicking back and forth from Sweet-Cheeks on the bed and the Ship that was closing on them.

“Can you lose him, Lilly?” Sweet-Cheeks asked.

“Negative, engines running at 94% and are already overheating, like my Scottie when he is having his third orgasm in an hour.”

“What can we do?” Scrotum shouted as he started to panic and wheeze, his asthma taking effect again. 

Sweet-Cheeks was staring at the radar. “There's an asteroid field not far can you take us in there Lilly?”

“Chance of surviving in an asteroid field only 62%,” Lilly stated, not caring for Sweet-Cheeks suggestion

“Chance of surviving and escaping that ship is zero,” Sweet-Cheeks argued back.

“Take us in Lilly!” Scrotum wheezed, as he fondled in the draw under his seat for his inhaler.”

“Yes sir,” Lilly replied, before adding “I like it when you are masterful.” While Scrotum huffed and puffed.”

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