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Captain Scrotum and the SS thrust chapter sex ... er six

"Scrotum and Sweet-Cheeks are on there way, but a hunter is right on their tails."

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Chapter sex, er, six. The Hunter

General Knob limped out of the lower shuttle and storage area. He was looking for the owner of the station, intending to get information on this Captain Scrot and the woman on the Thrust. When Scrot had dropped him he had landed on his Simons, breaking his fall but braking Simons arm. Still, it had hurt, but not as mush as his balls hurt. That woman had kneed him just right.

He left the three of his men to sort out the mess and take statements from any other crew or ship owner who entered the docking bay.

Dominic had stormed out of his office, he wanted a word with this General Knob, if it weren't for him, Scrotum would never have fired his weapon and destroyed his brandy. Scrotum was a total idiot, but he was sure Knob had probably backed him into a corner. “All this trouble for some illegal porn… I’m going to kill my nephew. After I Kill this Knob.”

Knob and Dom walked into the station's public promenade and casino area at the same time. Both glared at each other across the long room. Both were not happy.

Dom knew he had the advantage. He didn’t have to mention the illegal brandy, to chuck this idiot General of his station possibly have him fired for all the trouble he had caused. He made a significant donation to the Galactic Imperial to be left alone by paper pushers and men like Knob. He had been given assurances and the imperial seal of commerce.

Knob stormed over to Dom. He knew he had the advantage, a scan of a dead body, the captain and crew assaulting him and another of his guards, destroying Imperial equipment. He was determined to arrest or kill that idiot captain, and he was going to make sure this Dominic helped him, or he was going to make his life very uncomfortable no matter who he was related to.

“How dare you come on to my station and cause trouble,” Dom started, making sure he controlled this conversation.

“Captin Scrote refused to allow a ship search. I have every right to be here!” Knob retorted, not allowing Dom to gain an advantage. He had dealt with captains and station owners before. All thought they were above the law.

“You only have the right to board my station because I say so!” Dom snarled.

“The scans he ran flashed red flags. I have every right to search his ship!” Knob continued.

“There are hundreds of credits of damage, like what my nephew did was hurting anyone. I have the Imperial seal of commerce for this station.” Dom shouted not caring who heard him.

“A dead body gives me the right to go anywhere I chose!” Knob shouted, before lowering his voice, “Did you say your nephew? And an Imperial seal?”

Dom was silent for a moment, “Did you say a dead body?” he thought back to the girl who wasn’t moving. He knew women didn’t hang around with his nephew, not without payment. “What did you do Scrotum!” he silently asked himself.

Dom cleared his throat, “Maybe we should discuss this in my office.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” Knob replied, trying to be respectful.

Knobs three men were board. Apart from a couple of cleaning droids and one repair bot, nothing had entered the empty docking bay.

They watched the far door open, and a large man dressed all in black enter the room, he had a visor covering his eyes a computer device attached to his arm and a spear attached to his back.

“Finally, someone,” Jose said as he got up. Simons and Nox didn’t move. They were to board to care.

“Sir if I could have a word,” Jose politely asked, but the man ignored him pressing buttons on his computer and glancing around the room. “I said, I need a word,” Jose said not liking being ignored. The other two guards stood and made their way over to the man, unsure what was going on.

“Where is the ship that was here?” he asked not looking up.

“It just left, and I get to put questions to you, not the other way around,” Jose replied.

“There was a tremendous sexual energy surge from this location recently,” The man continued.

“We know nothing about that,” Nox said, “We were investigating a posable homicide, but the man and woman on the ship wouldn’t let us search it.”

The man looked at the three guards for the first time and smiled “There was nothing possible about it. I killed the woman and left her on the ship. She took cover there. The man was drunk and unconscious.” He admitted before without working a blade extended from his wrist, and he thrust it through Nox’s chest, killing him instantly.

The other two men scrambled to draw their guns, but the man in black pulled the spear from his back. It extended through Jose before he could fire, leaving only Simons alive.

“Please don’t kill me!” he said as he dropped to his knees, begging the armed man. “I have a family!”

“Tell me where the ship went and about the crew.”

“I don’t know where it was heading. I only saw a man and a woman on board.”

“That cunning bitch. She was hiding with her sister, hoping I wouldn’t detect them, and if I did, I wouldn’t expect two in the same location.” He muttered to himself, not bothering to look at the guard on his knees. He swiped his spear to the side and reattaching it to his back.

Simons collapsed his blood pouring out of the wound in his neck, as the man turned and left the three soon to be dead guards. He would be able to track the Whorea. Her sexual energy would lead him right to her. She would soon be in his grasp and whoever was helping her would soon be dead. He left the docking bay heading to his ship while wiping the blood from his blade.

Scrotum was sitting in the cockpit eating a large spicy, meat pizza. He was always hungry, after spending an hour on the toilet.

“How long until we get there,” Sweet-Cheeks asked from behind him catching him by surprise. He swallowed the chunk of pizza before offering the rest to Sweet-Cheeks. She took a couple of slices and very hungrily ate them.

“Lilly how long?”

“At last look 4.8 inches,” Lilly replied with a giggle.

Scrotum blushed before rephrasing the question, “How long until we get to the Bosomy system, Lilly.”

“33 hours and 12 minutes, my sexy man,” Lilly replied with a cheeky giggle.

Sweet-Cheeks smiled, “Thank you, Lilly,”

“Your welcome you naughty woman. You aren't going to try and steal my man are you?” Lilly asked, surprising Sweet-Cheeks and Scrotum.

“No, you can keep him,” Sweet-Cheeks replied throwing Scrotum a dirty look before taking another slice of pizza.

Scrotum was quiet for a few seconds as he wondered what he was going to do for the next 33 hours. He didn’t want to watch porn all that time, but he couldn’t think of much else to do.

“Could I have access to Lilly?” Sweet-Cheeks asked breaking the silence.

“Sure, but I, um, am unsure how to do that,” Scrotum replied.

Lilly responded, “do you wish me to add Sweet-Cheeks to my subroutines, allowing her to access and operate the ship?”

“Yes,” Scrotum replied with a big grin.

"Creating new user, name Sweet-Cheeks. Will need your personal details and some scans, sexy girl.”

The scanning drone flew out of a small hole in the wall, surprising Scrotum. It shone lights over Sweet-Cheeks as she turned. “Third operator excepted. Primary user Dominic and secondary user Captin Neville Scrot can delete your access at any time.”

“Thank you, Lilly,” Sweet-Cheeks replied.

“Your welcome, you horny bitch,” Lilly replied.

Scrotum wasn’t sure if Lilly was playful or hurtful with that comment but Sweet-Cheeks didn’t say a word thinking “Well she is certainly right about that!”

Over the next few hours, Scrotum sat in the pilot seat. He was board. He had put on more porn but was more interested in what, Sweet-Cheeks and Lilly were talking about in her quarters. He had tried to put the monitor back on, but with Lilly's help, Sweet-Cheeks had repositioned it so Scrotum couldn’t see the bed. He could still hear her, but right now she was asking technical questions about the ship.

The ship suddenly shuddered and slowed, “Lilly what's happening?” Scrotum barked in alarm.

“I'm sorry, my horny man. One of the engines was damaged by the laser fire at the station. It was overheating, and I had to shut it down.

Sweet-Cheeks joined Scrotum. He noticed she was just wearing her underwear, which made him grin and stare at her, “Will this slow our progress Lilly?” she asked.

“Yes baby, unless you repair it, we will not make the Bosomy for 12 days 6 hours 32 minutes and 18 seconds.

Scrotum grin widened, being stuck with Sweet-Cheeks for that long with her getting hornier every day almost guaranteed him a free shag. The smile faded as he saw Sweet-Cheeks face.


“Well, what?” Scrotum asked nervously.

“Get out there and fix it,” Sweet-Cheeks replied.

“What?!” Scrotum moaned, “I don’t know how to fix it!”

Sweet-Cheeks smiled, “Lilly can you instruct Scrotum so he can make the repair?”

Lilly was quiet for a moment. Scrotum had only tried to fix one thing before. She remembered the disastrous journey home with the brakes and steering at only 20% even she had been scared for their preservation, and she wasn't programmed to feel fear. “I can instruct Scrotum to repair the coolant leak,” she eventually replied no longer sounding sexy.

“Do I have to go outside?” Scrotum asked.

“Affirmative my horny man. Would you like a good fucking first?” Lilly replied, sounding more like herself.

Scrotum moaned, he hated going outside especially when the ship was moving. The last time he had gone outside he had forgotten to turn the magnetic gravity boots on, if not for the tether, he would have floated away, and it had taken hours to get back to the ship. That’s why he had is uncle repair the ship and check it every time he went back.

“Can’t you go and fix it,” he whined at Sweet-Cheeks, but She glared at him until he caved, “Ok I’m going,” he scowled at her, as he left the cockpit.

Chapter 7 A Simple Repair Done Badly

Will Captain Scrotum be able to repair the ship? Will he and Sweet-Cheeks escape the Hunter? And will this man ever get a real shag? Find out next time.

Written by rbo
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