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My Paramour

A true story

Scenario: It's almost closing time and the last call bell has rung. Most of my buds have managed to meet someone new and all that's left are the dregs, and I have never and will never go that route. So I go to the pay phone and place a call. Remember dear readers, there was a time when there were no cell phones.

A female voice thick with sleep answers.

"Good evening," is all I need to say.

"What's up?" the voice responds now sounding wide awake.

"You up for some company?" I question.

"What do you think?" she then adds to give her an hour.

About an hour later I arrive at a modest ranch on a typical suburban street. She admits me and closes the door behind us. She kisses me deeply and then steps back and drops her old terrycloth robe. It puddles at her feet and reveals a stunning ice blue silk nightie and she flies into my arms again. This time we actually make it into the living room, many times we never got out of the kitchen.

I leave a few hours later with a smile on my face.

Another Scenario: It's a Saturday night about 2 weeks later. I am at home alone as I am not in the mood to go clubbing, so I made no other plans except for pizza and a movie. The phone rings around 11:00 pm and I answer.

"Hey lover," the female voice on the other end croons. "You up for a visit?"

"Always, give me about an hour," I respond.

The phone goes dead and in less than 60 seconds I am in the shower. Afterwards I splash on some cologne and don a pair of lounging pants. I then straighten up the place, dispose of the pizza box and light some incense. At just under an hour the intercom buzzer goes off, someone at the main entrance door of the apartment complex wishes admittance. I press the intercom and inquire who it is.

"Its me," a female voice responds. I press the door release button and crack the door to my apartment open, in less than a minute she is in my arms.

She steps back and doffs her coat and lays it across a chair. She does a slow turn to show off her stunning little black dress, she then unzips it and lets it fall to her feet revealing stunning black lingerie. She wraps her arms around me again and places her lips on mine and then hops up and wraps her legs around my hips. I support her bottom with my hands and walk her into my bedroom.

We finish about an hour later.

We lay there for a few minute before she rises, grabs her undies and heads to the bathroom. I make some coffee and when she emerges I take my turn in the bathroom. When I finish I find her fully dressed sitting at the kitchen table, cups and spoons have been set out along with the cream and sugar.

As I pour she relates the evenings experience. It seems she was at a party following a public event that she worked on , it had been a great success. The celebration party started off fine, but it seemed that all 90 percent of her male co-workers got drunk real fast and then only had one thing on their mind, she managed to slip out the back door unseen.

I smile because we had met years ago under similar circumstances. Until that night we were strangers, just names on the membership roles interested in working on projects. It was at a similar after party that we finally met face to face and we hit it right off. When the party became dull she accepted my offer for breakfast at a local place and we chatted until the wee hours of the morning. We had a few more dates, and the more we talked during those outings the more we realized we had a lot in common.

We became fast friends and many months later in a weak moment we became lovers, and it was fantastic. One of the common problems we shared was the inability to find a steady mate and we were not inclined to prowl the nightclubs. So why didn't we just become a couple? We didn't want to screw up a friendship, and besides our likes were too far apart and neither one of us was willing to compromise on them.

She was an avid golfer, I disliked the game and had no inclination to learn it. I owned a motorcycle, she was afraid of them and refused to ride on one. She liked puttering in her garden, I lived in a condo so I would not have to be bothered with lawn care. We were great friends and lovers, so a pact was made.

Whenever one of us had the need for physical contact we simply called the other. No need for empty conversations, oh we talked at length about what we were going through in our daily lives. There was none of the BS promises to call the next day and other such drivel that guys will vocalize when attempting to score, we both know what we needed.

Oh we went to movies, dinner, lectures and volunteered on numerous committees for the Junior Chamber of Commerce. Many times we slept over each others abodes, when we had the need to just be held. I have heard 
others claim they wanted a relationship like this, only a few could have stood the test of time before one would ruin it by becoming possessive. We knew the rules without ever speaking of it. We dated other people, but didn't sleep with them.

The years passed and I met someone, it blossomed into something strong. So I called her and told her what was happening in my life, she wished me the best of everything and we stopped calling each other.

Less than 4 months later that so called perfect relationship ended very poorly. I was miserable, heartbroken and wallowed in self pity for months. Finally early one night about a month later I made an exploratory phone call to my former paramour.

She was happy to hear from me and patiently listened to my tale of woe. She expressed anger toward this woman that had screwed me over and sadness that I had to go through this. Her voice hesitated for a moment and I asked if there was a problem. She informed me that she had met someone about a month ago, and it was serious.

It was a risk that we both accepted, and part of the promise we extracted from each other was not to get jealous and to wish the other the best. That is exactly what I did as she had done to me. I never heard from her again and I hope she has finally found someone special.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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