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Submissions to this category are generally told in the first person and cover personal reflection, autobiographies and memories of the past.

Rather than focusing on factual accounts, memoirs are more a recollection of moments in time that were either vivid or unique to the author.

Continental Drift, part 7

Albany to New York City

I decided to take a bus for the last section of the journey. I knew that traffic in the New York City area would be crazed, and no place to try to hitch a ride. I’d had excellent luck hitching so far, perhaps due to the protection of Mishipeshu the cat/dr...

Continental Drift, pt. 5

Sudbury to Ottawa

I must have been lonely. I have a distinct memory of sitting in a park, in where I think is Sudbury, Ontario, my back against the trunk of a large tree, listening to Bruce Springsteen. Specifically, I was listening to the end of “I’m on Fire” off Springst...

Continental Drift, pt. 3

Gooseberry Falls to Mirror Lake

I met some nice folks at the State Park. An older couple (probably about the age I am now) staying in an RV in the next camping spot over shared some of their breakfast with me, and wished me luck. I walked out onto the highway. I got a ride right up to t...

My dad dropped me off on the shoulder of an entrance ramp to I-90 on a sunny summer day in 1984 (hitchhiking on the Interstate is illegal, but it’s legal to stick your thumb out for a ride if you do it on the entrance ramp). I slid my oversized, kind-of-g...

The High And The Humble Chapter Six The Thoroughbred

A high class horse enters the stables about to change all they lives.

Seeing the twin horse-driven polished box-like carriage heading up the main drive, Jack Wetherley’s heart gave a heave, knowing that this was his new challenge, arriving with two long-coated men sitting up front. Excitedly, he called Alf, his boss and men...

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Hectic Christmas

Young part-timer gets Christmas shopping lesson

It was the largest department store in the city, with the food department covering most of the ground floor. And it was there that I had taken up a part-time job on the Saturdays of my final year in college. Quite a comfortable little job loading bakery s...

All Through the Night

Man has sleep disturbed while wife sleeps

Up, unwilling out of sleep’s sensuous pit. Again, the cry, thin, tentative. Fourth time tonight? Fifth? Cosy-rosy dreams fade. Windows, still winter dark. Time? Late—were there streetlights? Reach blindly for clock on table. Sleep-numb fingers touch but o...


This is a true story

Anyone who knows me is aware of just how much I hated high school. I have only a few happy memories of the time I was forced to spend there until I quit, and one of them concerns the school wrestling team. This was an old school, and the wrestling team pr...

I remember when winter came and you would come inside Your hands would be as cold as ice You would put them so close to the heater I could see the pain as the warmth would slowly return You never let on that they were hurting The whippings as a child you...

Always a test Waiting for the unknown Time to pass Being alone is the worst part Memories come to visit Dreams take over Sadness and happiness mix Flooding my mind and heart Waiting for change But afraid it will happen A test I have taken many times And w...

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One Last Time

The loss of loved ones

I wish I could remember every moment of growing up. The laughter. The tears. One last time. I want to see the glow of my wife’s face in the setting sun. One last time. I crave to feel the warmth of her body curled against mine. One last time. I wish I cou...

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