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Memoirs Stories

Submissions to this category are generally told in the first person and cover personal reflection, autobiographies and memories of the past.

Rather than focusing on factual accounts, memoirs are more a recollection of moments in time that were either vivid or unique to the author.

With the winds of Autumn as I unburden my wrongs come the withers of frost and scarce tears begun without a sound of a song as she rests beneath the sun

Always a car-sleeper as a young girl, I would awaken to the sound of gravel beneath the tires. To this day, that sound excites me, bringing back memories of simpler times. One week each summer, my twin sister and I were transported to what seemed like a d...

The scars of yesterday Remind her She must take control Taking a deep breath Refusing the tears to fall She will be strong She waits Soon to pack the memories away To love another day No choices she has Each day will be a bit easier She must be strong

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The Junction

The things I see around me.

I’m so fortunate to be able to look out on the world, to see the sunrise, to smell the freshness of the morning dew, and to experience the warmth of the rising sun, and at the end of the day, to cool off and experience those special sunsets; the ones that...

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Number 10

loving pets

Epilogue to “Cedar Boxes” Once again, for the last time, we await the return of Cedar Box #10. Just a simple rectangular wooden box full of ashes and an interlocking lid with a brass plate on top bearing a name. "Gimley." I guess it is a headstone of sort...

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I accept I did my part The vows I keep A lifetime of doubt Never to rest I gave my all You took wanting more Leaving me stripped Still you want more I keep on giving A nobody I am Locked in With no way out

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The night was beautiful No bright moon A peaceful darkness Head pounding like thunder The storm grew She would suffer alone No one to hold her Till the storm passes Fighting a rage within Never to tell her secret She knew and was ashamed She was alone and...

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Saturday Afternoons at the Opera

A reflection on how my father's taste in music was passed down

The other day I was doing some work in the kitchen, fixing up the caulking behind the sink. As I often do when I’m doing stuff in that room, I put the radio on to CBC Radio 2. It being a Saturday afternoon, opera poured out into the room. I don’t even kno...

Two dogs. A rabbit. Four cats. Two parakeets. Nine cedar boxes filled with the life’s ashes of our fur and feathered family for over the last 40+ years. We are down to just one now. Gimley the cat came to us some seven years ago. He was a feral cat who wa...

The Spirit of the Bayonet Fighter

“What is the spirit of the bayonet fighter? To kill, to kill, with cold, cold steel”

  Back in 1961, I heard on the radio that Kennedy had sent 500 US Special Forces and military advisors to a place called Vietnam. I was just starting high school at the time. It was the first time I remember hearing about that country. We also had a war g...