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Chapter 2

She smiles, as she watches the girl in the mirror. Strange that this girl does not smile with her eyes either. She gives the same fake smile. Would the girl ever smile with her eyes again, she wanted to ask? She was too afraid of the answers.

This girl was a stranger to her. She had almost forgotten who she was deep deep inside. She only wanted to do her job and then escape back to her own world. The world she had dreamed of for so long.

 The girl also gives as she is told to do. Just once, she almost said out loud to the girl. Just once she wishes she could bust out in laughter. That good ole down to earth belly laugh. The kind where you just know if you don't get your breath you will pee on yourself. The kind where you laugh so hard you make all kind of noises. Wouldn't that be something to see.

It seemed like ages since she smiled with her eyes. Ages and ages ago. As she looked at the young girl looking back at her. She wondered what would happen if...

She saw the girl shake her head and lower it. Not tonight it seemed like she said. You better not take a chance. Let it go. She knew somehow she would not listen to the girl this time

As she turned and made her way down the hall. She heard the noise of all the guests that had been invited to the party.

She was on display again. Showtime she thought as she started to slow her steps. Then with a spring in her steps and a big smile on her face. She felt she could hardly wait to reach the stairs. She knew all eyes would be on her again.

Turning and taking a deep breath. She knew it was time.

Lights, camera, action she said very low. As her feet hit the first steps...

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