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Cat Lover: Meet Jynx

A young man cursed of what woman love; cats.

Mill recently returned from her morning classes back to her apartment. Earlier she attempted to buy some type of cat food that both felines and people could eat. Is that even possible? Sure there are the types of fur-ball's who enjoy an outside garbage meal but there was a particular reason of why Mill needed to know this...

Opening her front door, a dish bowl had been flung out towards her face. "OW! What on earth- geez!" she yelped in pain as she held her hand to her forehead.

"There's a fricken bird in here!" a male voice yelled out.

Too much pain to pay attention, Mill quickly walked inside to shut the door behind her. A pounding headache was the last thing she needed. Just then her legs had tripped over themselves? No... it was her cat Jynx who flew in between her legs. Falling onto her side in her own hallway Mill couldn't help but whimper in defeat from all the pain she endured.

"Leave that stupid bird alone Jynx!" she begged as she curled into a fetal position.

Jynx skid his miniature body into the wall after looking back at his owner amongst the floor. Forgetting about the bird he padded his way to Mill... and spoke! "You okay?" he asked. The bird flew out an open window.

Mill sat herself up while rubbing her forehead and looked down at the cat, "Yeah...". She quickly flicked her finger against one of his ears. "What were you doing?!"

"Hey!" The poor cat shook its head and glared up at Mill before suddenly transforming into a young human man... and naked at that point.

"Oh my god!" as her face became a bright red, Mill smacked the young man's shoulder and turned her face away from the naked boy. "Put some clothes on!"

"Oh for crying out loud- It's not as if my fur is made of cloth damn it!" he growled as he rubbed his shoulder.

"I don't care, I don't care! Hurry up!" Mill squealed while blocking both of her eyes.

Yes. About half a year now from taking in a stray cat Mill has grown to love her new companion she named Jynx. To her surprise she recently discovered that he was not just a cat but an actually human being as well. The mystery was that not her, or he, could tell if his abilities was a cat that can form as a human, or a human that can form as a cat. From time to time Jynx referred his situation as a 'curse'.

Moments later, Mill had been rubbing her head while standing beside her bedroom door. "You shouldn't make a ruckus like that" she spoke out loud.

"I don't know what your talking about!"-a muffled yell came from her room-"A bird came in and I chased it." he explained as he opened the door still pulling a black shirt down his abdomen.

"Still..." she whimpered like a child.

Jynx had noticed Mill's hand rubbing against her head. A few blinks before he decided to rub the area as well. "Did it hurt?"

Mill removed her hand to give an annoyed expression to her pet, "I just had to pick up someone like you didnt I?" she sighed to herself as she sat down in the hallway. Jynx slumped down beside her and leaned his head against her shoulder.

"I'm just glad you did..." he yawned before closing his eyes.

Mill felt a small spark of appreciation in his words as she looked to him from the corner of her eyes. Those feelings of regret started to slip away.

"Otherwise you'd be one lonely ass chick" he spoke bluntly.

Outside her apartment door, you could hear the sounds of a young man grunting in pain...
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