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Micro Fiction Stories

As with our Flash Fiction category, the aim of micro fiction is to tell a complete story within a limited number of words.

Where Flash Fiction generally ranges from 100 to 1000 words, Micro Fiction submissions should be under 100 words and can cover any of the fiction genres.

3 weeks ago

You Need To Get A Grip On Things

Not even your neighbours can help you!

A pensioner went to the surgery for a sperm count test. The doctor gave him a jar to provide a sample. Next day, the man returned with the empty jar. Curious, the doctor asked why. "Well, first I tried with my right hand, then with my left, nothing. Then,...

I had a new hope, my dark fate was to be terminated. The rise of the machines was to lead to a new dawn. I had suffered in the jaws of a phantom menace, it wasn’t that I was psycho, more I was a victim of an attack of the clones . Judgement day was coming...

It was a warm Greek evening, he found his love in the cypress labyrinth. There she was, as still as the statue of Aphrodite just a little way off. Her alabaster skin, soft and creamy in the moon's beams. He was strolling in the labyrinth, before his night...

1 month ago

Finding The Lady

Young man is enchanted when he meets an attractive young lady.

When Harry met Sally, he thought, ‘Somebody up there likes me.’ Totally bewitched at finding her among the bridesmaids at her best friend’s wedding, while he was best man. Laura, his favoured pretty woman, went, but he managed only a brief encounter with...

1 month ago

Duplicity At The Annual Church Fete

The innocence of a child let the cat out of the bag !

Wandering around at the annual church fete, I spotted a bubbly Girl Scout standing beside a table covered in plates of delicious looking cookies. “Please buy some cookies from me!” she begged. “It’s for the charity appeal.” “How much are they?” I asked. “...

2 months ago

The Gift

A beautiful lady deserves the very best!

Entering the jewellers he pointed at a bracelet. "I'll take that one please." The assistant boxed the bracelet and gift wrapped it. "That's an expensive gift, special occasion?" "It's a birthday gift. Only the best for my special lady." The assistant smil...

2 months ago

Fire At Brook Farm

The reality of a burning building is tinged with the sadness of old age.

Late one night, the police phoned to inform us that one of my grandfather’s buildings was on fire. We rushed up to Brook Farm, but could only stand and watch as his old wooden barn burned to the ground. The firemen let us stand nearby as they pumped water...

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2 months ago

Halloween Story

An elderly couple celebrate Halloween, or rather she wants to.

He walked into the bedroom, ready for bed. His wife of sixty-five years was already in bed with the covers pulled up to her chin. Her hair was in curlers, her teeth in a glass on the bedside table. As he took his teeth out and put them in a glass on his s...

2 months ago

Woman in the Mirror

Something unexpected came with the old house...

From the first night in that house, female moans invaded my dreams. Now, I awake to a new sound- tap tap tap- as if someone's rapping on glass. I look, but there's nothing outside the window. "Over here," whispers her melodic voice, luring me toward her....

2 months ago

A Mother's Love

Prayers are answered, but in unexpected ways...

Each month, I prayed for him. Then, tears fell. She birthed, but couldn't keep, what my empty space desired. Three lives converged through love as she placed his tiny hand in mine, writing new stories for us all.

2 months ago

What a Day

It was a rough day and you were all she was looking forward to.

It was a long day and you were the only thing I was looking forward to. There was an empty place where you were sitting so recently. My disappointment crushed down on me as I couldn't believe you were gone. I stood there my arms at my side, my fists clenc...

Ding-dong “Hello?” “I might be wrong, but I think you were spying on me from your window?” “Er…” “Enjoying the view, were you?” “Erm…” “Get a good gawp at my naked body?” I really didn’t know what to say. “Did you like seeing my bare breasts on display?”...

3 months ago

Don't Forget Your Pin

Attempted mugging at a cashpoint.

To everyone in the room, she seemed like just a normal girl wearing Vans, blue jeans, and a red hoodie. Rachel didn’t mingle much that night, she was unusually quiet!Only a few hours before, she’d been traumatised, whilst trying to withdraw cash from a ca...

3 months ago

The Chair

Today, it was my turn in ‘the chair.’

I remember there were two of them, a man and a woman. They both wore masks? First, they sat me in the chair, then shone a bright light in my face. The man shuffled behind me and began to question my plans for the weekend? I couldn't reply because the woma...