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Gun Entitlement

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Every horrible act of violence is only exceeded by the endless media hyping that inundates every moment following it. The constant competition for ratings and trying to “outdo” each other for viewers is overshadowing the main issues that need to be addressed.

Gun control leaps from the mouths of those involved. Take away all guns leaps from others. While the NRA and its hardline supporters in Congress tout gun ownership with as few rules as possible.

I am a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment. I am also a firm believer that there is a difference between a musket and an AR-15. I have no doubt that if our forefathers realized that guns are no longer just for hunting provisions and survival, they would have written the 2nd Amendment quite differently.

Since the musket days, guns have advanced to the point where they now shoot around corners, can be engaged remotely, and be loaded with smart bullets. We can shoot through armor, mow down a crowd, and splatter brain matter in a colorful collage on nearby walls.

All reasonable people will agree that despite the subjective wording of the 2nd Amendment, not everyone is capable or deserving of gun ownership. Certainly, not the insane or unbalanced. Not criminals. Nor do we want guns in the hands of borderline personalities that reject common sense and decency, and promote hate and insurrection instead.

The words “Gun Control” is an onerous term. Misleading as well. There is no control. Those who want guns will get them. As it stands right now, whatever checks and balances are in place by State and Federal guidelines is akin to carrying water in a fishnet.

Gun ownership is a responsibility like no other. It comes with a dynamic obligation to protect, defend and secure the well-being of friends and family and home, and indeed our homeland. So let’s change the term to “Gun Entitlement.” While we’re at it, let’s make those entitlements earned. Everyone should be entitled to earn the right to bear arms.

In order to take this issue seriously, we must make the entitlements serious. Guns aren’t toys. We don’t buy them in candy stores or corner markets. They aren’t party favors to be twirled and flashed at social events.

I offer you my own thoughts on gun ownership in America.


Gun Entitlement; 2nd Amendment – Part B

Gun Ownership; Earned Gun Entitlement Process

  1. Gun ownership shall be solely a federally mandated national policy without additional individual State or local jurisdiction controls.
  2. Only duly recognized citizens of the United States of America may earn gun entitlements.
  3. Earned Gun Entitlements may begin no sooner than 18 years of age. No person under the age of 18 is allowed to own a gun.
  4. In order to participate in the Earned Gun Entitlement process, mandatory pre-qualifiers include: you must be a graduate of high school or have a GED; and, you must be gainfully employed or actively participating in extended education; and, you must attend a 100 hour class on gun ownership, maintenance, and control; and, you must provide fingerprints and a DNA sample to be registered with the federal government.
  5. Earned Gun Entitlement shall not apply for any of the following reasons: any conviction or active legal activity for a felony; conviction of 4 or more misdemeanors; demonstration of continuous unlawful activities; failure to comply with Items 2, 3, or 4 above; any history of mental illness or incapacitation; designation by any jurisdiction as being a threat to the United States of America.
  6. Earned Gun Entitlements shall be withdrawn and gun ownership rescinded should any activities in Item 5 above occur after-the-fact.
  7. Earned Gun Entitlements shall be withdrawn and gun ownership rescinded should anyone facilitate violation or non-compliance of Items 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 above.
  8. Right to carry and concealed guns shall be applicable nationally on land, sea, or air upon achieving Earned Gun Entitlement status.
  9. Earned Gun Entitlements shall be withdrawn and gun ownership rescinded upon any commission and conviction of a violent crime against a human or animal, whether a gun is used or not. A mandatory automatic 10 years in prison without an early release provision shall be attached to any punishment for a crime committed with a gun.
  10. Earned Gun Entitlements shall be inclusive of all handguns, shotguns, and rifles. Excluded shall be any weapon involving fire, explosives, or destructive lasers.
  11. Earned Gun Entitlements shall be validated by personal ID card issued by the United States of America, to be carried on person at all times.


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