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Our Musings category focuses on speculation, reflection and deep thought, covering everything from self-contemplation to humorous views on life in general.

This is the place to submit your thoughts on spiritual matters or philosophical subjects and to share your feelings on any topics you’ve ever pondered or wondered about.

No End

Always together

The togetherness we feel How your heart meets mine I miss you my darling I long to hold you You to feel me when I cry I accept No matter what happens We are stuck like glue I own your heart As you do mine To complete the other Two halves make a whole Soul...

Nature of Magic

All Trust is a Dialogue

It smelled like winter and smoked meat outside as a gray curtain of clouds shimmered across the naked night sky to veil the waning moon. “You need to relax and trust the process or it won’t work” “I’m trying to, honest!” “ I didn’t say ‘try’, I said ‘trus...

in remembrance of Quasimodo with the breath of olden's short winds like unseen presence leaves of dead driven like ghosts fleeing bones of men with a little less chin and matted hair but the character of the man is in the treetops

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“Why are you wearing that, Grandpa?” The little girl pointed to the golden squirrel pinned to my shirt. “I wear it in memory of Matty,” I replied. “I’ll never forget Matty,” she said. “To honor Matty’s memory then,” I told her. Matty had loved squirrels a...

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I am honest to most, yet my trust is not easily won. My vulnerability is something that rarely sees the light. Every battle, win or lose, I am a lone soldier. You do not deserve the weight of my burdens. I am not very strong, but I can hold myself up. I a...

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A flicker of blonde, that I once believed was gold. A heart seemingly full of kindness. Yet now there only seems to be a hole. A pretty face masking the ugliness underneath. I believed time would bring compassion, yet now there is only more hate. * Wrappi...

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With strings of a dulcimer shaking me a willow. with a scent that weeps the silence of it all touching the creek stones with Autumn's tomorrow shaking me a willow holding it close to the windmill of my mind in the eddies of my prose with strings of a dulc...

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The Blinking Line

The infinite battle of procrastinating.

C1…C2…C3… Cervical vertebrate pulling, bones dislodging. Snap! Like a fat leather boot stopping on a bag of Cheetos. Tongue out like a thirsty dog, panting as my eyes escape my skull. I enter an abysmal tunnel, closing in on me. I can hear bells, ringing...

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What If?

When I'm alone, I think about SO many things...

What if I stopped being annoyed when people don’t follow the rules? What if I didn’t feel compelled to comment when a conversation didn’t include me? What if I just turned up the volume on the television or radio when the speed demon toddler starts to rac...

Listening to fool's chatter the hypocrisy of dark's inquisitor "my God, what has happened, with fire over the waterfall?' name brands deceiving pedophile roses and politicians lying and skeleton stems of man and beast food for carrion look for the shadow...

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Chaos, unpredictable running helter-skelter burning down homes flinging stones scripted but no King David crazy, deranged addiction, intoxication madmen insane everything woke Prozac made in China logjams, bridges block one-way streets with speed bumps an...

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Beneath a tin can sky of indigo-blue and the doves can coo on nature's mother earth adorning the Ponderosa Pines with a basketful of jubilation as God's shells sunlight cascading over babbling brook and Ebenezer stones in poetic Genesis and the doves can...

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