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In The Gym

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It had been another brutal self-imposed workout at the Chrome Anvil gym. As I head to the juice bar I nod to some of the other members that I recognize.

"This shit was a lot easier thirty years ago," I tell them and they all agree.

Most men of my age are content with water aerobics and pilates, but not me. I pumped iron as a young man and have no intention of stopping. I have had to make adjustments with the poundage as my joints don't heal as fast as they once did.

Sitting at the juice bar slowly consuming a protein shake I am approached by a female lifter.

"So, did you enjoy the show," she said in a low sarcastic tone.

I did not reply as she had caught me off guard.

"Please don't bother to deny it, your eyes never left me from the moment I hit the floor," she continued.

Now if this had been years ago when this younger, overweight, and out-of-shape rookie police officer first discovered serious weight lifting and this gym I would have had to plead guilty. It took me a few weeks to become accustomed to the sight of lean and muscular female bodies wearing the most minuscule of outfits as they exercised and it no longer bothered me.

I let her rant for a bit until she ended her tirade by asking me if I had anything to say.

I responded by producing a pair of glasses from my gym bag.

"Without these, I can't see anything clearly," I informed her.

She responded by asking me to see the glasses which she proceeded to put on her face. I had to stifle a laugh when she lost her balance and fell forward forcing her to grip the bar.

"Oh my God, you're almost blind," she stated.

"Almost," I replied as I placed the glasses on my face.

Once my glasses were in place my vision became sharp and I discovered that the female addressing me was quite attractive and in superb shape.

"I may have been looking in your direction, but I wasn't staring," I replied.

She seemed satisfied with my explanation took a seat next to mine and apologized for her accusations.

"I know the other members are going to sneak looks, and I'm OK with that." "What I can't stand is to be leered at.

I'm Gwen," she said as she extended her hand.

I took her hand and introduced myself

"How is it that everybody seems to know you?" she stated.

"I've been lifting here since this place opened in the late eighties," I informed her."I took a break for a few years, but now that I'm retired it's back to lifting."

We chatted about training and a little about our lives outside of the gym until she had to leave. The next time I trained Gwen had just signed in and was getting ready to head to the ladies' locker room to change, we exchanged greetings.

"So, what ya training today?" she asked.

"Arms," was my response.

"Me too," was her answer. "If you're agreeable we can train together."

"You do know that being close I can see you clearly without the aid of my glasses," I informed her.

"I can deal with it if you can," was her response as she headed to the locker room.

The outfit she wore today was even tighter than the one from the other day and she smiled as she approached.

"No drooling," she stated.

"No promises," I replied as we headed to the dumbell rack.

Now my brutal workouts are a lot easier as I am lifting with one of the prettiest ladies in the gym.

Written by The_Count
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