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silent but for my breath and the sound of my heart beating

I stand still, silent but for my breath and the sound of my heart beating, the warmth of the sun on my face as I look straight ahead.

I look down and place my feet in the exact position I need them and then, standing straight, look sideways over my left shoulder. All is well.

My right hand drops to my side I draw an arrow from its quiver by my right hip and fit it to the string of the recurve bow. With an imperceptible click, the arrow fits into the nock whilst the shaft sits neatly in the rest.

My back ramrod straight and my left arm extended fully to my left I curl my finger tips around the bowstring above and below the arrow and, with elbow high I carefully draw back the string until it just touches my chin.

The arrow tip moves slightly and then,focussed, I release and watch as the swift but lethal projectile flies its graceful arc away into the distance.

Thud! The satisfying sound as it embeds itself deeply into my chosen target just fifty yards away.

I smile and allow my lungs to exhale as the pleasure of what I just did washes over me.

Two more deep, satisfying breaths and then my hand returns to the quiver.

The first shot may not have been exact but the next one... oh yes, that one will hit the gold!


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