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Late in the evening and the light of the near full moon pierced through the quick moving dark smokey clouds. It seemed so strange to see the moon just hanging as low in the sky as it so happened to be. I have never noticed it being so low or remember seeing it seem so big and bright before, it just caught my attention, that and the mist hovering over the lake I passed by gave me such an eerie feeling, as if I were starring in an opening scene to my very own scary movie.

From where I was it only took a few minutes for me to get home, and a few more to completely forget about that very strange sensation I had felt only moments earlier, though it wouldn't be long before that feeling would be brought back to me and enhanced by quite a large factor.

Sitting at a laptop by the window in the upstairs front bedroom, and out of the corner of my left eye, I saw a young lady enter the room and sit down at the end of the bed within the room which is only just a few feet away from where I was sitting. This startled the hell out of me so much so that I almost tripped as I jumped up out of my chair in surprise. Just as well that I caught my balance, as I could have ended up taking a trip through the window with how quick I got up, and doing such a thing would not have been fun.

At the same time, I jumped up out of my seat I properly looked over at the end of the bed only to see that there was no one was there at all. There shouldn't be anyone there or anywhere else within the house as I live alone and at this particular time had no guests over, still I know what I saw.

Even though I had only seen this lady out of the corner of my eye, I remember vividly how she looked. She had short dark hair, brushed forwards; she was tanned and was wearing a white blouse with a short beige skirt. She had a very round face and she had seemed to have entered the room as if she either knew the room or knew me. If this wasn't strange enough things were about to really start freaking me out.

There were now at this point noises coming from downstairs as if tables and chairs were being moved around, doors began closing loudly, and stranger yet they seemed to be closing more than once which meant they had to have been opened for them to close a second and third time.

I heard the door to the hot press out in the upstairs hallway open. There was no way any sort of wind or breeze could be doing this as the hot press door needs a good tug to open and when I came out of the bedroom I was in, sure enough the hot press door was indeed open. I closed that door and went back into the bedroom to find wardrobe doors and press drawers now open. None of them had been open only moments prior. I had no idea as to what the hell was going on.

I closed everything, turned off the laptop and went downstairs to the living room and turned on the television. Not long after having sat down and through the frosted pain glass of the door to the hallway, I could see the silhouette of someone on the other side, and I even watched as their head turned sideways, before hearing the sound of someone running upstairs, then back downstairs, then back upstairs again.

I immediately assumed that this must be my sister as she has a key to the house, but when I called out for her, I got no reply, as well as that I had not heard the front door open. I looked upstairs to find I still was most definitely all alone in the house.

Being quite freaked out I decided to go out for a walk to clear my head. My mind must have been playing tricks on me, either that or I was going somewhat nuts. I hoped by taking this walk I could tire myself to the point so when I would back home and within my bed that it wouldn't take long for me to nod off.

Along my walking journey I came across a man who appeared quite disorientated. His hair was dark brown, he had a bushy dark brown moustache, and he was wearing a dark brown leather jacket. He was approximately the same height as me which is 5'7 and he looked like he was in his late forties or early fifties. I didn't mean to be rude or anything of the likes, but I left quite a gap between myself and this man as I moved to pass him by.

After only a few short seconds I turned to look back towards the man only to find that he was nowhere to be seen. I had wanted to ensure that he wasn’t following me so not being able to see him came as a bit of a shock. There was nowhere he could have gone in the short space of time since I had seen him; I have no idea as to where he could have gone.

Back home again, and I was so thirsty that I drank a fair bit of water as soon as I got in and brought some more up to bed with me and as I had hoped, it didn't take long for me to nod off. I began to dream such a strange dream. I dreamt I got back up out of bed, got dressed and went back out again, walking down the end of the street turning right then left, heading down by the school I used to attend many moons ago and then on towards the lake I had been by not all so long ago.

This dream felt so real and as it soon would appear it actually was real for a light rain began to fall and I awoke to find that I was getting soaked. Wait, I was getting soaked? … but I should be at home resting in bed. It took a little while for me to understand what was happening if I could understand anything at all. The only reasoning I could come to conclude as to what was happening was that I had been sleepwalking and what I perceived as being a dream was something which was actually happening.

My waking moment came at the right time as my feet were in that lake with which I had passed some time earlier. It not only looked like but was fact that I had started walking into that lake and the water at this stage was indeed a little up past my ankles.

'Hey, hey, you over there' I could hear a voice calling out.

Before I knew it there were two guys, one either side of me, having come from some way off to each grabbing on to an arm. I explained to them that I thought that I had just been sleepwalking and this is how I came to be where I was. They thought something else was going on, as apparently, I wasn't the first sleepwalker of this particular night and that there had been two others. They thought that they should hang around just in case this was more than a coincidence, and in a way, I am glad they did hang around.

I felt compelled to ask a question, so I asked as to if those two other sleepwalkers happened to be a lady in her early twenties and a man with brown hair and a bushy moustache who would be around the fifty mark. The guys either side of me both looked at me as if to say … ‘how'd you know that?’

I was taken to the hospital to be looked at, to make sure all was well and well I indeed seemed to be. The lady and the man whom I had seen earlier and had been referred to were those other sleepwalkers and they so happened to be getting a once over at the hospital too. It was a little more than odd that both of them told me they had seen me earlier in the night.

Our stories were so strange and coincidental, that it led to the lake being checked out the next day for something peculiar had drawn three strangers to go there. It wasn't long until the body of a missing nine-year-old boy was found.

When I was told of this, memories of recent dreams came back to me where there was a young boy standing by the lake with the water up a little past his ankles. The mist I had observed, the oddness of the moon … had it all allowed his spirit, his ghost to haunt me and two other people?

Just what exactly had led us all to that lake? Was the boy trying to tell someone where he was? Or is this all just one very strange collage of incidents? …



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