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In life we all have responsibilities; we all face hardships and deal with tragedy though for me with whatever comes my way I like to see the bright side, the positive side, the good side of life, even during times of difficulty. It is how we deal with...

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I was just nine years old in June of 1983 where due to illness I had to spend some time in hospital, ensuring I would miss out on the last couple of weeks of school. I was back to my normal self by the time school started back up that September. The il...

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Late in the evening and the light of the near full moon pierced through the quick moving dark smokey clouds. It seemed so strange to see the moon just hanging as low in the sky as it so happened to be. I have never noticed it being so low or remember s...

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actung 9 months ago

Watergate Park

A very odd encounter ...

During the latter half of 1989 and on into the early months of 1990 some of the local football fields in the town of Watergate along with the river which flowed alongside, were given a makeover and transformed into a public park with lakes, a geezer an...