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Silent Nightmare part 1

Tags: cop, bar, girl
Contributing Authors: frogprince  

"Benjamin! Dude, how is work going?" Josh Andersen asked as he sat down by Benjamin.

Ben hadn't been at the local bar for very long, when his long time friend showed up. He wasn't surprised that he ran into him. Josh talked about a girl that worked there. Ben knew that he would be coming by just to see her. Then Josh would get pissed off when she left with some other guy.

"Hard but good," he said smiling , as he handed Josh a beer. "How about you? Been at it again?" Ben asked, as he eyed Josh's clothes covered in paint.

"Yeah, kind of got into a fight with my canvas, but it started it, not me," he laughed, as he tried to get some off his pants, but it was too late. "How long do you think you have before they call you back in? Got someone I want you to meet."

Shaking his head, Ben looked out at the crowd. Josh had been trying to set him up with women ever since he broke up with his long time girlfriend. It all started, after catching her in bed with one of his partners from the police station. That was three years ago and Ben was fine being single.

Josh was saying something, but Ben had zoned him out and was staring down at his beer. A loud crash broke through his thoughts and Ben's head snapped up. He and Josh turned to see a girl sitting on the floor with a broken chair beside her. She was laughing, but Kale, the bartender, freaked out and rushed around the counter to help her up.

Kale looked upset about something, while the girl continued to laugh. He walked her over to a table and sat her down in the booth. A few seconds later, another girl and guy rushed over to see if she was okay too.

"She doesn't look old enough to be in here," Josh said as they continued to watch the group worry over her. She was completely fine. Ben had to agree. She looked, as if she should be in high school. The girl was only about 5'1 or 5'2. She had this innocent look to her, but damn if she was not adorable. That fall must have hurt, but she didn't let on if it did or not.

Still watching her, Ben watched as Kale walked over with a glass of water and something else in his hands. Putting them in the girl's hand, the guys realized that Kale had given her some medicine to help with the pain from falling.

"He does need to get new stools," Josh said, as he rocked side to side on his.

"I would stop if I were you. You don't want to be the next person on your ass do you?" Ben laughed, as Josh continued to rock on his stool. Ben went back to watching the girl. His cop instinct told him that he needed to walk over there. He would see if she was okay and then see her out. Yet, something held him back. The girl's friends left her side and went back onto the dance floor. They did this only after the girl made a big show of letting them know she was fine.

"Dude, just go over, even if it is to pop her bubble and kick her out for underage drinking," Josh said, when he noticed ten minutes later that Ben hadn't taken his eyes off her. Pulling his eyes away, he looked down at his warm beer and pushed it away, before asking for a new one.

Katie, Kale's girlfriend, handed him a new beer and stood in front watching him. "Benjamin Weaver, I watched you all night. What's up? Work getting to you again?" she asked worried.

"Nope, a girl," Josh answered before Ben could even open his mouth. They turned but found the table she was sitting at empty. "Well, she was over there," Josh mumbled. Katie looked up to see where they were looking and laughed.

"Please tell me he wasn't hitting on Amber," she laughed again.

"Well, it is hard to hit on someone when you never went up to them to talk. Besides, she looked like she was way underage," Josh said as he elbowed Ben in the arm. Turning back to Katie he said, "Sucks that the cute ones are always off limits."

She said, pointing at Josh, "One, Amber is only off limits because Kale won't let a guy like you near her and two, she has enough on her plate as it is. Just leave her be." She said, as she turned to look at Ben.

"What do you mean enough on her plate?" Ben asked.

"From what Kale told me, which isn't much, since he sees her as a sister and he is all about privacy, she has been through hell and back and she doesn't need anything else to add to her worries." Katie looked behind them and the guys turned to see Kale saying something to her as he led her back to the table.

Looking back at Katie, Ben saw in her eyes that she wanted him to go over to her, even though she just said to leave her alone. Giving her a confused look, he stood up and said, "See you in the morning for our run Josh."

He walked around the edge of the dance floor, as a band played on stage. He watched, as Kale left the girl sitting at the table alone. She didn't seem to mind the loud music and all of the yelling and laughter around, as she rested her head in her hands. When he got closer to her, she pulled a note pad out of her pocket and started to draw. Being a cop, he knew how to sneak up on people, but he didn't want to scare the girl. When he was about to back away from confronting her, she looked up and a soft gasp left her mouth.

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