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Over 90 days ago
United States


I am 20, turning 21 in November. Been writing since I was in six grade and just started to get better. I write mostly fantasy but trying to write new stuff.

Love to watch movies and some TV. Spend most of my days on Facebook talking with my really good friend

Favorite Books
Harry Potter series, Midnight Breed series, Number Thirteen, Raw, Wallbanger, Beautiful Disaster

Favorite Movies
Harry Potter, Pitch Perfect, Warm Bodies, Rent

Favorite TV Shows
Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Sherlock
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“Nicole, is this yours?” Tara asked the next morning when she walked in holding a letter. “It has your name on it. Who is it from?” she asked as I took it. Dear Nicole, It’s hard to explain how you got these letters since I don’t have your address but the...

“Here we are,” Miles said stopping in front of an apartment building. I was still taping as I got out. “You can help unload if you put that thing down,” Miles said sounding like a dad. “You wish, I can still help,” I said as I reached into the back of the...

“We’re going shopping and by my parents today,” Tara said coming to the table the next morning. I looked up from my food and dropped my fork but grabbed it before anyone could tell how scared I was by the thought of leaving the house. “I don’t feel good,”...