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Windmill Craters

Investigation into the formation of craters near windmills.

Frank had maintained an interest in wind farms for a long time. Often he’d gaze at them, the majesty of the blades as they circled was beautiful. He knew they generated electricity without a carbon foot print and was concerned that some people protested against them.

He thought the issues through, the hazard of the blades to birds, which he acknowledged, but considered so minimal it didn’t outweigh the benefits. He spent ages watching the birds around windmills. He also searched around them looking for birds on the ground. He found no evidence of any damage done to birds by the windmills.

Claims that windmills made people sick were dismissed by Frank. He knew it was impossible. He experimented by sleeping under them and spent days in their close vicinity. He knew of no illness they had caused him. He knew of no one who had been made ill by the windmills.

He considered that objections relating to their ugliness were wrong - for him at least, they were beautiful. Frank could watch the windmills all day. He often found himself lying down watching them long after he was due to leave. Time seemed to escape and he was always surprised as to how long he had spent watching the blades, listening to the whirr of the turbines.

The fourth objection Frank was aware of were the small craters which seemed to form around the windmills. They were small, like an impression of a football that had hit the ground. No one understood how they were formed and Frank, eager to discover the reason frequented all the windmills in the district. Oddly, the formations only occurred in the district and were regarded as a disturbing enigma.

There were theories of meteors hitting the ground, but multiple excavations had failed to find a single meteorite. He dug very wide holes where the craters were that were deeper than he was tall. He was disappointed to fill them in having found nothing.

He researched crop circles and wondered whether there were any similarities. So far as he was aware there were no similarities. He set cameras to photograph any movements while he wasn't there. The only things he recorded as having moved were the blades of the windmills. It was Frank’s mission to discover the truth.

Unfortunately it wasn’t Frank who discovered the truth. But Frank was there. He was showing a friend a new windmill one day. He was watching the blades as they turned. At first he followed them with only the movement of his eyes. As the blades went around, so did his eyes and soon his head started going round and round tracking the blades. Then his body started to sway- first one way and then the other, as it followed his head which followed his eyes, which followed the blades and suddenly his friend heard a sound.

His friend looked around- Frank had gone. But looking down, there was Frank lying on the ground. His friend was concerned and on hands and knees took a look at Frank. He seemed to be all right, apart from his eyes which kept going round and round. It took some time for Frank’s eyes to normalise.

When Frank eventually got up his friend noticed. Where Frank’s head had been, about the size of a football, there was a small crater.
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