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Head Stories


The drive

The drive home from the supermarket

Looking at the head in my lap Moving all over as I drive The bad shape of the road Making the head move all over Looking at the head My mouth waters Looking into the passenger seat Looking at the buns Admire the big buns Thinking of the buns with the meat...

Windmill Craters

Investigation into the formation of craters near windmills.

Frank had maintained an interest in wind farms for a long time. Often he’d gaze at them, the majesty of the blades as they circled was beautiful. He knew they generated electricity without a carbon foot print and was concerned that some people protested a...

The Nerd of Moe and the Sage of Copper

A playful poem precisely pointed around producing perseverance.

In the valley of Moethere's a town you never heardwhere it'd always snowtill a plague quite absurdtumbled from the downspokeand sliced off the headsof all the townsfolkwho dashed around like undeads.With the town disabled,a copper sage cameand overtook th...

A.D.D. Thought Process

This is what goes on in my head every single day, every minute, of every hour

My thoughts, sprinkle images throughout the dayDon’t stop, never stop, always in motionGet up. I have a headache Oh I have to shit, brush my teethGet dressed, what am I gunna wear?Should I match? Who cares no one looksHave to shit again. Third time this m...