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A Letter to Love

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Author's Notes

"This was written in a ballad format with iambic meter, alternating eight-syllabled lines and six-syllabled lines, and an ABCB rhyming scheme. I hope you enjoy my simple poem reflecting a simple wish from my heart."

For who is Love? My heart knows not,

I write to you to plea;

Dear Love, I want to meet you now,

Please grace my life with thee.


You see, I fell for Lust's disguise,

and Lonely tricked me too;

A fevered kiss was not enough,

For nothing found was you.


I quiver when his hand holds hers,

love's in his gentle kiss;

He whispers you with chosen words,

I ache to feel her bliss.


I bought a pillow with your name,

A cup and saucer too;

The time has come to settle down,

My arms now wait for you.


I mail my note from me to Love,

I long for Love to see;

My gifts lie waiting to be shared,

Concealed inside of me.




I paint a picture of his face,

To help me see Love clear;

I mark his eyes with gentle care,

Oh, please let him be near.


I stroll along the patient path,

For Love to walk my way;

My searching heart, it skips a beat,

He holds a rose bouquet.


Accept, support, forgiveness too,

These words encompass Love;

Light shines upon my darkest days,

Thou must be from above.


Dear Love finds him and Love finds me,

So he and I are we;

Now bound to walk our paths as one,

We live life gratefully.


Love joins me in a hearty laugh,

And wipes away a tear;

We share what haunts the sleepless nights,

Our cares always sincere.


You see I have my soul's desire,

That Love includes me too;

True wants and needs I've found in him,

My heart's turned red from blue.

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