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"Working through feelings on unexpected affection-ship."
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I never expected to feel this close to you.
In fact, I wanted the opposite to be true.
I thought you’d be cold and let me go
Maybe treat things like a joke.

That's what I was after; a quick and easy fling
An outlet of escape while I was healing.
I know I get attached and I tried to keep it at bay
Because usually it's not reciprocated and I get pushed away.

But you surprised me with depth I didn’t see
Even in your darkness, you keep a light on for me.
We bandage each other when we fall
Though neither wants to risk it all.

Distance was kept for a while
Tension adding up to a heaping pile
Until we let all of it go
In a moment we both felt low.

I know ours is a relationship band-aid
To cover wounds others have made.
Watching you suffer gives me ache
Leaves me with dread in my gut that I can’t seem to shake.

I don’t want to let you go
We both find comfort in our shadow
But to see the gaslight from another shine
Sends despair straight up my spine.

I will never ask you to make a choice.
I will never take away your voice.
All I want is for you to be valued and content
When I told you I care, that’s what I meant.



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