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Bewitched and Beguiled

Contributing Authors: elizabethblack 

The world revolves my angel, and once more


The time is coming when the days grow short,

When happy thoughts of summer flee away, 

And all around is desolate and bare. 

Come fly with me to some exotic shore, 

Where bathed in golden light, we two can sport,

Dancing gaily on the strand all the day, 

And through the night mount high into the air.


O cruel lady, tell me what I've done, 

What crime that you should treat me so unkind,

Why taunt me with your talk of sun and moon,

And how you danced together through the night.

I watch you from afar, while you have fun, 

Hourly scan my mail, yet no letter find. 

What means this silence, are you gone so soon,

To roam in pastures new, far from my sight.




Oh my sweet darling, surely you must know 

How much I love to dance with you alone, 

Beneath the stars, and silver moon's bright glow,

And so all other loves I would disown. 

But just as at each bright day's new dawning 

The pale moon's gentle glimmer fades from sight,

More intense than hot sun in the morning, 

In my dark sky you are the only light.


My silly darling man, you are so wrong 

To cast in doubt my love's sincerity. 

You are my sun and stars, for you I long 

By day and night, for all eternity. 

See these pictures of romantic places 

Sweet paradise, where we can rapture find, 

In wedded bliss, lost in hot embraces, 

Making love, our naked limbs entwined.




My darling one, I do you dreadful wrong 

To berate you so, how can you forgive 

My uncertain questioning of your love. 

For deep within my heart I apprehend 

That what you feel for me is true and strong, 

And will endure as long as you shall live 

And longer still, for when we rise above 

This mortal world, our love will death transcend.


Such images of sweet delight arise 

Within my brain, of newfound lands of bliss 

Where side by side, together we will lie, 

Two bodies joined in hushed expectancy, 

As one we mount in rapture to the skies. 

Oh has there ever been such joy as this, 

Consuming fire of passion, as we fly 

Up to the sky on wings of ecstasy.




My husband, you weave such a web of words,

That my head spins. What can a poor girl do 

Caught in your trap? Oh you could charm the birds

From out of the trees, who could refuse you? 

I am just a simple soul, whilst you dear, 

Are a sorcerer, and your dark magic 

Holds me within its spell, and like a spear 

Thrust into my side, pricks me to the quick.


Against your wiles I have no defence, 

And struggle as I might, submit I must 

To your flaming passion, no more pretence 

Of innocence. I am inflamed with lust, 

And thoughts of mundane things are swept aside

By waves of irresistible desire, 

That carry me away upon a tide 

Of such rapture, I am consumed by fire.




Dear lady, you are the one mistaken, 

I am as one bewitched, gently beguiled, 

Caught on silken filaments of yearning, 

To your enticements sweet, a willing prey. 

For you I have all other loves forsaken, 

A bright new world of wonder like a child 

I enter, my heart within me burning, 

To find that into paradise I stray.


Sounds of heavenly music fill my ears, 

As before Venus' throne I bend the knee, 

My carnal offering of lust spilling 

From my fruitful loins, in ecstatic bliss. 

Wherever we may roam, across the years, 

In field and forest, or by coral sea, 

Our eternal destiny fulfilling, 

We will united be, sealed with a kiss.


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Copyright © 2021 by Keith Paver

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