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Can She Forgive Him?

"When love has been heartlessly rejected, forgiveness my not be easily given"
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Published 2 weeks ago

Bound to the cruel wheel of fate, I weep bitter tears once more,

As if there existed for me some deep inexorable law, 

A decree that condemned me to drive away those I adore.

O fairest lily, in your sweet kindness you gave me your trust

To hold and to cherish, but yet once more, as it seems I must

I threw it away, trampling your beauty down into the dust.

I allowed suspicion and envy to overrule common sense

And wrote you a letter, guaranteed to cause you such offence,

That in your turn you must banish me, my error so immense

That there could be no hope of forgiveness, no form of defence.

Now in my abject misery, I beg you to give to me

A chance to make amends for my sin, for now I clearly see

That I was entirely in the wrong, when I thought you to be

Guilty of betraying all the promises you made to me.

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