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Definitely Not Moon Challenge - Moon's Glow

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Published 2 years ago

Quarter-moon, harvest moon, blood moon, lover’s moon

A cow jumped over the moon,

Was I once so very young

And grew old so very soon?


An ebbing tide, a waning heart, the tears of hopes betrayed

So far away, yet here on earth

The moon is much the symbol

In every skit of life that’s played.


A cardboard box, a wooden sword, a towel makes a cape

A rocket ship to the moon

The wildest imagination of a child

Their dreams take form and shape.


That first date, a lover’s kiss, drive-in movie screens

Moonlight reveals popcorn boxes, soda cups, candy wrappers

Windows fogged by lover’s grasps

The careless and carefree life of teens


The light of the moon, dark side hidden, man’s first step taken

A race to the moon by men of space

To craters bold and risen

A nation’s curiosity awakened


An RC cola, moon pie, a cow and a spoon and green cheese

Somewhere a child is crying

“Don’t ruin the moon!”



The sun is reality, the moon is dreams

Poets will never find the right words

The night brings broken hearts or mended souls

We choose our fate under the moon’s schemes


The moon sets slowly while the sun rises fast

Often sharing the skies above

Arch enemies and kindred souls

Day and night in double cast


The moon holds your memories, your past, your youth

There’s a cardboard box and wooden sword

In all of us

And that’s the truth.


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