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Don't You Quit

"Separation is difficult but life goes on. Then I met someone who told me "Don't you quit!"
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Following my separation time passed. I kept myself busy but others watching me were worried. I was not to know that until one day, a woman who had been watching started talking to me. We went for a cup of coffee then a drink at a bar. During our conversation, she told me to keep my chin up. Then she said, "Just don't you quit." It was her way of telling me that those around me were watching and were worried. I went home later and wrote this poem for her. At the time I believed she was in a relationship, but I was to find out later she was also separated, so probably understood what I had been through.



My meaning of life had fallen apart

She had left and deceived like a work of art

In my sorrow and bliss, there was little to say

But alas for Sue's act of the 29th day


Then from out of the blue on one dim dark night

Came this special thing like a flash of light

T'was the smile I saw - and then the touch

This wonderful person was just too much


And as she talked she turned to see

She turned around and she looked at me

Those glum dark thoughts just drifted away

Removed the pain. She made my day


And I write this little sonnet

And hope that she gets some joy from it

To repay for the pain she had taken away

Because of her touch on that special day


And as I sit and this poem I write

I hear the quiet in the dead of night

And wish I could feel that light-fingered touch

The thought of it gives me ever so much


And when I was down for the world to see

She'd just be around and she'd talk to me

She'd say it's not bad it'll go away

And just "DON'T YOU QUIT" was what she'd say


The meaning of life will soon return

Much quicker I know for soon I'll learn

The value of all things mighty and fair

Because of the time that we had to share.


And soon she will go - she'll be taken away

But the pleasure and thoughts their mine here to stay

I wish her good luck - "be a good happy wife"

She would be I know if she'd share my life.


Post note: Today that lady is my partner and I expect she will until the day I die.

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