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Dream on

"Could I be a poet?"

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Competition Entry: Dream On

I thought I'd write a poem,

I imagine it can't be hard,

A few words that ebb and flow.

Something avant-garde.

Should it be a story?

Write about a war?

Something quite original,

That's not been done before?

What about a work of peace?

In praise of friends, not foes?

Now let me think, where should I start?

I'm sure that I don't know.

Oh wait, I know,

A host of golden flowers!

Chanced upon? But no,

That would take me hours.

So what, then, should I write?

Something light and airy?

Or should I go the other way,

And make it really scary!

Oh, I don't know,

A beginning, middle and end.

Then all I have to do is,

Make them simply blend.

Perhaps it's not so easy,

Like Caesar's Rubicon,

But one day, I will do it!

Yes, me, a poet! Ha! Dream on!

Coming soon
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