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Friendships Lost

"Losing friends is hard"
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Published 4 years ago
My heart is not opened easily,

few true friends have I along with my wife.

But for those very few,

I make room in my heart for life.

It’s not easy, and I wish it were not so,

for over the years, friends do come and go.

I hate to lose touch and cling on to history,

when I was as important as they are to me.

Love is hard when it’s a one-way street,

giving them your soul dreaming when you will meet.

I offer my affection and write them my thoughts

waiting for days to get a measly retort.

More desperate I do become,

to keep that bond once so strong.

Showering kind words of affection,

hoping they won’t be met with rejection.

I cannot comprehend how people abuse,

was I ever cherished or just there to be used?

Merely a convenient time to kill?

Never desired or able to thrill?

My love for you forever the same,

always in my heart, it will remain.

It must be love to stay so long in my dreams,

Precious moments between us, so it seemed.

I was always there when you needed me,

to listen, to comfort and to console thee.

You moved on when I was no longer required,

leaving me empty, another friendship expired.

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