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Gas Station Cheeseburgers

"The taste of life"

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Author's Notes

"I hope you like it."

I like gas station cheeseburgers
Those red hot burritos too
The sun coming to shine on my backyard
Got a woodpecker and squirrel, they think they own the place
I suppose they probably do
I like getting high in my basement
Listening to Davis Byrne and John Prine
I like the things that just pop in
Yah I think that works just fine
Got an old house and two old dogs
We are all rotting together
I like this person I've become
I like that I got better
Got an old '78' K5 blazer
It's rotting too
But I like the way it rides
Please bury me in it when my tickets pulled
Baseball cards, vodka and cranberry
A good debate with an opposing side
I like who I've become
I like that I got better
Hop on in
Fill it up get some gas station cheeseburgers
A couple of faygos
It's a Sunday afternoon and a Michigan summer
I've really been itching for a ride

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