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"those damn sleepless nights"
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Published 6 years ago
where is the point of the circle

where does a dot draw the line

how do I straighten up an angle

how could I ever call you mine?

what's after red and blue and yellow

what’s after first six notes and si

who's been both enemy and fellow

who can with eyes closed see?

why do we talk with ones and zeros

why do we count with X and Ys

when did we come up with dead heroes

when did we invent those truthful lies?

and why a question mark for questions

but with a comma you keep on?

why different flags for different nations

why start a story once upon?

why do I count when I am frightened

who's not afraid they may not count

why when I reach I'm always tired

who's still awake at the last round?

Is it the pencil or the paper

Is it the glass or the red wine

Is it the former or what's later

Is it the prophet or the sign?

Do you think madness hides reasons

Do you think storm brings us the sun

Can you imagine bastard seasons

And father younger than the son?

Or maybe shadows that ain't lightless

maybe time chords that ain't so tight

imagine ghosts that aren’t lifeless...

...or maybe just try sleep at night.

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