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It's Time To Let Go

"Separation is difficult but life goes on."
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Published 2 weeks ago

My previous poem, One To Four For Naught is a poem written following a marriage break-up. But life goes on and in time I met another woman. It was time to start a new life. This poem is written on what I would say to my ex when I realised that there is more to life than the past. Life can be better and it is. 

It’s time to let go

and it’s important you know

That it'll be okay in the end

for the rest of this life

I wish you, my wife

all the happiness that I can send

For as my life turns

and as my heart churns

I can see so much more to do

for I was alone

when you were not home

but only had love for you

For I had just thought

over time you had taught

that you want and need to fly free

and as I sat alone

alone in our home

thinking only of you and me

As here and there you flew

I thought that I knew

you were happy to live here with me

you say you were stressed

and I should have guessed

you just had to go free

For you could not touch

yet I wanted so much

to recapture our life of the past

You always said "no"

and guess I should know

the signs that it could never last

For the love of our son

I'll be the one

who can fix things it's true

it's my last chance

and I'd like to enhance

our lasting friendship with you

And as I do more

I still feel this sore

but I have felt something anew

what I wanted so much

that much-needed touch

of someone - it didn't have to be you

A new love from this girl

I've entered a new world

of mystique and charm running free

I'll give it a whirl

with this special girl

and hope it's alright for me

But if it don't last

I'll just think of the past

and the special times and it's true

there's many a good time

like drinking fine wine

that I had in my time here with you

So go your own way

you must have your say

in your life for the remainder of time

but the memories we share

will always be there

for us  - just yours and me you will see.

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