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Just Be Honest

"people may imagine things or even lie but the best way is simply to state it a it is."
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Published 1 week ago

As the reader may see from my prior posts, I went through a separation and a divorce. It was a shock to me so I tried to understand why. But each time I looked for an explanation I ran into a brick wall and even statements such as, "what did you do for that to happen?" I sought counselling where the counsellor said, "Stop feeling guilty. it won't help." I didn't feel guilty. I hadn't done anything to feel guilty about. I didn't go back but instead sat down and wrote this poem. It helped, well not a lot but a good deal more than the counsellor did.  

When the road you’re on seems all uphill

When your heart is heavy and your weak of will

When it all goes wrong and nothing is right

Then you must stand up and then you must fight

When it’s all been said and they said it all wrong

When there’s only one tune and blues are your song

When whatever you do it’s never done right

It's then you must stand up and then you must fight

When it’s well past midnight and you still haven't slept

When your get up and go has got up and left

When you must say something but you can't say it right

It's then you must stand up and then you must fight

When your friends don't trust you cause she’s told em all lies

When the only response left is to give a few sighs

When you’re pissed to the max and nothing feels right

It's then that you must stand up and then you must fight

When the colour is purple and you see it as blue

When even the beautiful looks awful to you

When green is your colour and it doesn't look right

It's then that you stand up it's then that you must fight

When your family deserts you and leaves you alone

When you call to your hound dog and he lies there just prone

When you're all by yourself and lonely at night

It's then you must stand up and then you must fight

And now that you've stood up and now that you've fought

They see you as angry and it’s all been for naught

For they say that your awful you just want to fight

They don't want to know you and it still doesn't feel right

But in your own mind, you've done it all right

And now you feel restful and sleep well at night

For as long as you’re truthful and your pride is intact

None of it matters and ain't that a fact

But suddenly you realize they're all by your side

She hasn't deceived them by telling them lies

And now that you think back and recall what was said

You see what was awful was all in your head

So when it’s all uphill - a hard road ahead

Remember this poem and think what it said

No matter how awful the others have been

Just be honest - the truth can be seen

While you are honest your pride is intact

For deception will harm it and ain't that a fact

For if you live right there’s naught to defend

The truth will conquer – You’ll win out in the end.

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