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Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized

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Pot should only be legal for medical purposes
Don't need a bunch of stoners all over the place
High people make me feel nervous
They'd be stoned and feeling out of space

Marijuana is a drug that should be illegal
Don't need kids trying out these drugs
A stepping stone to drugs that are lethal
Our children don't need drugs they need hugs

It's fine for people who are dying or sick
Take out the drug portion of the pot
Let cancer patients enjoy their weed sticks
For them it really helps a lot

Keep these drugs off the street
Use for medical reasons only
Drugs must be defeated
People use when they're feeling lonely

Feeling high is not all it's cracked up to be
Pot first and then onto cocaine or worse
It's much better to be drug free
All drugs need to be enforced

No drugs in our states
We have enough to deal with
Let's keep people sober and straight
Drugs kill this is no myth

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