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Mom Guilt Haikus

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You worry a lot
When you are a Mom, guilt comes
Not a welcome friend

Ready for this yet?
A question you can't answer
Yet it sticks around

Am I enough now?
Do I have the proper skills?
Will I screw this up?

Handed a baby
In my case, three boys all told
A red head, two blondes

All over the board, quirky
Special needs, a shock

Books read, tossed aside
Hoping instincts kick in soon
Parenting is learned

Busy days fly by
Laughing, crying, but no sleep
How did we survive?

Love and patience key
In short supply many days
Meeting each problem

With smile in place
Finding humor if I could
Refusing to fail

A good example
I am lucky to have seen
My parents did well

My brother and I
Became productive adults
Married each with kids

My partner in this
A spouse much better equipped
Tenth of eleven

His Mom a great source
Eleven, she'd seen it all
Armed well on both sides

I march on and pray
That I do my best and hope
To present to the world

Three fine grown young men
Ready to tackle their lives
Happy, funny, skilled

Years spent worrying
Agonizing choices made
Accept paths taken

Guilt my companion
As I travel that long road
Prayers along the way

Amazing to see
Changes seem to come each day
Where are my babies?

Before me, grown men
Chemist, EMT, student
Can guilt leave me now?

I hope so, I'm done
They made it to adulthood
It must be enough

I worry of course
They are my babies even now
Though they are grown up

A Mom's job keeps up
Proud yes, but guilt still remains
Did I do my best?

A question I ask
Not all the time, just some days
When problems crop up

They don't disappear
Magically when they are grown
Days they still want Mom

For advice, a smile
Reassuring them, it's fine
They do have the skills

I gave them the tools
To grow wings and leave the nest
To begin their lives

They are on the road
Each path the right one for them
So proud to see now

Perhaps it is time
To release, let the guilt go
For me it is right

I've traveled the road
Of motherhood guilt and pain
To see what I've made

Three grown men, adults
I present the world, sons
Satisfied with them

The next phase to come
Eventually, grandchildren
I can hardly wait

My parents enjoy
They tell me it should come first
To skip all that guilt

Grandchildren are best
Reward for a job well done
I can't wait to see

My own sons' journeys
Hoping they follow some roads
That I took with them

Goodbye guilt for now
You stayed by my side through all
Perhaps it's needed

To help you succeed
I'll rest now, enjoy the view
Of sons, I'm so proud

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