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Old Bill and his Friend Jack

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They lived on the slope of Antelope Hill
In a run-down and weathered old shack.
The older ones name was Grizzly Old Bill,
The other was known as Grey Jack.

You always could see them together,
Old Bill on the left with Grey Jack on the right,
No matter, whatever the weather.
They sure were a mighty unusual sight.

Bill's only companion was Jack, his old friend,
Since Bill never had him a wife.
Had worked on a ranch as a hired cow hand
Until he had turned about seventy-five.

The morning was young as they left their abode.
T'was cold and it rained, but they trotted until
They came to the edge of the road
That ran through the woods at the foot of the hill.

Old Bill, he was breathing quite heavy,
His legs were aquiver with shakes,
When along came McDonald's old Chevy.
McDonald he stepped on the brakes.

"I'll give you a ride," he hollered at Bill.
"Today you are surely in luck
Because I am going to town if you will.
So come and enjoy a dry ride in my truck.

I know you do always go running together
However, you should have stayed in you old fool.
The weather is cold and it's raining, no weather
For even your friend, the old mule."

"Then let me," replied the old cowboy, "explain,
While you wipe that smirk off your face,
That whether it's sunshine or rain,
I'm training Grey Jack for the race."

"Then tie the old mule to the back,"
Said Mac, "with a rope and a knot,
But give the old mule enough slack,
So when we start up he can trot."

McDonald drove easy and slow,
So Jack, the old mule could keep pace,
But Bill said, "Drive faster, let's go,
I'm training Grey Jack for the race!"

McDonald in his mirror could see
That Jack had his tongue hanging out.
"My friend," said McDonald, "I do disagree,
I'm going too fast without doubt."

"Oh no," said Old Bill, while waving his hand,
"To him this here speed is like walking.
He's telling you something, you must understand,
You see he is using his tongue when he's talking.

If Jack points it left and not to the right
You better start giving that Chevy the gas
Or else move her out of the way to the side,
'Cause Jack he is saying he is ready to pass."

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