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One Dark Night

Small against the black night

Eyes wide reflecting the moonlight

Their copper color wet with fear

Contorting in the shape of a tear

Danger silences the thick dark wood

Menace and ill will is understood

Fear pinched on a face soft and round

She runs her fingers through curls red brown

This little sprite with tail plump and white

Takes off in a sprint afraid to fight

As she tears off in this fearful flight

Her position is revealed with a screech in the night

She comes to a halt by a burrow, a den

A spark of hope, she found home then

Lurking just out of view, a shadow draws near

A long toothy snout curls up in a snear

From the hole burst a fearsome snarl

Momma fox comes out face in a scowl

But what Momma saw drew her up short

Met with a growl and a drooling retort

Who would attack the Queen of the Forest

A mere fox is not all that is before us

The creature, a mere shadow in the darkness

Reveals to speak only teeth and claws of sharpness

"Bring out the one I gave chase and did flee

Give back what was unfairly stolen from me."

Rising erect on her hind paws easily

The mother transforms into a deity

The monster recoils, the view impressive

But still stands firm angry, aggressive

With booming voice, beautiful but firm

The mother asks, "Daughter, what have you to return?"

Immature face droops down from view

She starts to explain but dares not to

Hands fold sheepishly behind her back

Something glints there, smooth and black

The monster snarls as he catches sight of it

The mother holds up a hand to recieve the trinket

"It's mine, it's mine, give it back to me!"

The monster steps closer eyes full of glee

Slowly the prize is removed and returned

Mamma shoots a look, disappointed and stern

Small face is hidden behind curls red brown

An apology is delivered through lips turned down

Momma bows ashamed of her daughter's folly

Daughter bows too and repeats that she's sorry

The monster turns with a nod of his head

A quiet stillness left in his stead

Mother and daughter turn in with out words

That was the last of the monster to be heard

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