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Our Castle In Spain

"The fairies new home"

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We built a new home

Our castle in Spain

A place in the sun

Where it rarely rains


Surrounding it

There is  a moat

A moat so big

We needed a boat


Within the water

Lurking down deep

Is our very own sea monster

Protecting our Keep


With our trusty companion

A tortoise named Neville

Who once was an Angel

But crossed paths with the Devil


We'll live in our castle

Learning new magic

With questionable talents

Sometimes that ends tragic


Just ask Bob

He can vouch for that

He once was a leprechaun

And now he's our cat


Then Uncle Phil

Who used to have hair

But I think we're forgiven

Cause he's letting us live there


Our beautiful castle

Almost reaches the skies

The residents look upon it

With wonder in their eyes


Or perhaps it's because

It was built in a day

Because we used magic

But it was the only way


We had to flee

Our previous home

To escape those angry

Garden gnomes


It wasn't our fault

The spell went wrong

And they can no longer speak

Only burst into song


But that's all behind us

This is our new start

We can work really hard

And practice our art


I know we'll be happy 

just wait and see

Soon we will be



The most talented fairies

Of all time

No longer shunned

By our own kind


They'll soon want us back

For our talents and power

But well shun them all

From our castle tower


We don't need them

We're fine on our own

Because we now have a castle

And it's our new home.


For Rachel.





Written by Kiera
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