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Our Nights

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Published 8 years ago
The warmth of my bare body
Smothers yours
As you lay there tenderly
Until the fairy
Sprinkles sleep
In your eyes.

My fingers intertwine
With yours
As our hearts beat
The only spoken words
We hear
As we lay in a peaceful heap.

The rhythmic pounding
From the sweet music
Our blood pumpers make
Resonate a sound
That reverberates
Feelings that only
We understand.

As you sleep,
I watch your chest
Rise and fall slowly.
Each breath you take, then slowly let out,
Reminds me of
A baby sleeping gently.

The quiet tenderness
Together at night
Is ours and ours alone.
No one can take away
Those special moments
Of the bond we share.

Then when we wake
In the morning
And we say hi,
The thought of sharing
My night with you
Enters my mind.

I smile at the thought
Hardly able to wait
Until I climb into
My warm bed
Because I know
You'll be waiting.

Then once again
Like every night that passes,
We cuddle each other
Until we both
Fall asleep together
In each other's arms.

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