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Sick of it All

"Inspired by Sick - Evanescence, from character POVs"
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Published 8 years ago
"Hold on little girl, the end is soon to come... Sick of it all! Sick of it all! They don't understand how sick we are! Sick we are! Of this bottomless pit of lies, behind closed eyes..." -Evanescence, Sick.


You step over me,

You shove past me,

Like I'm a ball-

to be picked up and thrown-

Or a door-

to be pushed out of your way.

I don't deserve this



These nightmares,

That face,

The hands that grab me

and shove me...

shove me to the ground and 

hurt me.

The need to run and being unable

to run from the dreams and



This disease,

spreading, infecting me with

fatigue and hopelessness.

To know you're going to die

and just sit and wait for it,

because you can't afford treatment,

and there is no



We're tired,

We're sick,

We're in agony

When will the fictional numbness take over?

When can we no longer feel and finally live?

Let us live!

Let us live...

Let us live,

you don't seem to understand


sick we are of all of this Hell,

our reality.

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