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Tempus Fugit

"Oh, how time flies"
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Published 8 years ago
It has been one year to the day since you left us,
You took your life and fled,
You moved to somewhere better,
I hope you're settled there instead.

The people you left behind miss you,
They shed a tear for you each day,
Some aren't quite sure why you left them,
But know for you that its better this way.

But though I know it is a year,
I cannot help but think,
You serve to us as a reminder,
To show how quickly time goes.

You were the beginning,
Of the start of my insane year,
Though I shouldn't forget,
My fear at the start of last year.

My grandmother so ill in hospital,
Us fearing for her life,
We thought the Big C had got her,
When it was a pool of blood instead.

The fact she is still with us here now,
After one amazing recovery,
Makes us wonder of God's grace,
To heal and hurt again.

Her stroke on that fateful Thursday,
Was not a stroke of luck,
It was a stroke of pain and sadness,
I wondered if God gave a fuck.

I should count myself lucky,
It didn't happen three hours before,
If it had done, I wouldn't be here,
Her or my grandfather either.

It hurts me each time I see her,
When I see her and she just doesn't eat,
Sometimes I wish I could make her
Stand back up on her feet.

I passed my first year at uni!
I passed year two semester one too!
I think of the fun you'd have had here,
Then go quiet for a day or two.

The passing of both my hamsters,
Though insignificant to some,
Was a harsh blow to my emotions,
My soft furries now are gone.

I hope that they're playing there with you,
Whilst Dusty plays here with me,
I hope that they're staying close to you,
Doing the things that they loved to do.

I'm nearing the end of second year,
So forgive me if I shed a tear,
I know you're Amy's Guardian Angel,
You're taking away her fear.

Though the last year hasn't been brilliant,
Some sick rollercoaster at best,
It has been a year I'll remember,
For the way that we dealt with this test.

Tempus fugit baby,
When you're having fun,
Tempus fugit baby,
Now lets go frolick in the sun.

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