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Ten Cents In The Jar

"If you're annoying put ten cents in the jar."
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Published 3 years ago

We're off once again

On our holiday.

A week gone by already

So much fun every day.


To make our time better

You know it makes sense

If anyone is annoying

They must pay ten cents.


Our first day we drove down

To swim in a lake

But we got stuck in the sand

In four by four for goodness sake.


People got out their cameras

All were crying out haha

I glared at my Uncle

And said, "Put ten cents in the jar."


Our next day at Graham's

We had burgers and cheese

And watched a live performance

Of his partial striptease.


It was a sight to behold

But didn't impress Mrs. M

She said, "I hope it won't deter you,

From visiting us again?"


I heard her whisper

As we got in our car

"I can't believe you did that,

put ten cents in the jar."


A fun day in Malaga

To see the Alligators

Then out for a curry

With very strange waiters.


When my Uncle ordered

Tikka masala for himself

The waiter said, "No!

You must order something else."


At the Ventorros Fiesta

We went to Moni's bar

My Uncle almost lost Giorgia

He put ten cents in the jar.


There was dinner and dancing

And lots for us to drink

Whatever was in my Uncle's

Sure made him squint.


Last night was scary

A centipede so long

It was the insect version

Of the son of King Kong.


I went to get Charlie

But she didn't believe me

It disappeared so fast

I named it Houdini.


We searched high and low

All around the room

Armed with a dustpan

And a giant broom.


Now she's scaring the kids

Which makes no sense

They won't sleep tonight

So she must pay ten cents.


Today we're staying home

To Uncle Phill's relief

But tomorrow we'll be back

To causing more mischief.


All the residents of Spain

Whether near or far

Will be telling us all

To put ten cents in the jar.




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