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The Predator

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Published 5 years ago
With practised art and infinite patience,
Like a predator, he waits out of sight,
Hiding in the shadows, he stalks his prey,
Waiting silently for that sweet moment
Of triumph, when at last with lightning speed
He pounces on his unsuspecting victim
To sink his fangs into their naked soul,
Inflamed with desire to gorge on their youth,
And savour the sweetness of their innocence.
With honeyed words of sensual pleasures
Never before imagined or enjoyed,
And sweet promises of heavenly delights
Far beyond the gift of common humans,
He tempts his victim 'til, at last, they fall,
Adoringly submitting to all commands,
To dance in joy to his seductive tunes,
In abandoned rapture lost to the world,
Reveling in erotic ecstasy.

But all too soon he grows tired of this game,
His lust satiated for a short while,
Until the next victim catches his eye.
Words of eternal love and devotion
Are soon replaced by cold indifference,
And too late they know their reckless folly,
Happiness now replaced by bitter tears,
As joy gives way to unrequited pain.
Across the years he has pursued his way,
And taken many different guises,
But his only true name is Lucifer,
Cast down from heaven in a blaze of light,
A succubus damned by untameable 
Desire to feast on hapless human souls,
A need that grows more irresistible
With each new naive victim of his will;
And in his wake, he has left untold pain,
A trail of broken hearts and shattered lives.

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