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The Young Man Too

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Published 3 weeks ago

Author's Notes

"This tells of him being hounded. Something had to give so his supporters asked for an official investigation. The next in the series is the report."

Even though the youth who did the damage admitted to his crime, the situation was that supporters of the youth charged sought justice and obtained legal advice. The police hounded the youth night and day after that. 

The same young man but wiser now

He’s found his place for sure

Police hound him day and night

In case he does some more

Damage like he did not do

Or perhaps a little worse

We must protect society

Against this flaming curse

To throw a brick like that one did

A shame to all his lot

We’ll show this one and all his mates

What power a policeman’s got

So It’s in the nick and out again

A shove, a hit, a punch

He’ll learn quite soon this rascal

Or he’ll feel the flaming ‘crunch’

What’s life’s about he’ll have no fun

No freedom, friends or like

This life of his a misery

Quite soon he’ll feel the ‘crunch’

He feels it now but he’ll not bow

Like the policeman thought he would

It’s anger that he feels this day

It stirs him and his blood

It boils ‘I will not bow’ he says

To this rotten crooked lot

I’ll fight, I’ll hit, I’ll scratch, I’ll punch

not bow to this rotten lot

I’ve done no harm and I’ve said my lot

But still, they do not hear

The next policeman touches me

They’ll land on their flaming ear

Yes, the same young man well, he looks the same

Where does he go from here

Charged by justice, magistrate,

and a few slaps in the ear

For justice is a young man's dream

The dream where your future shows

For the policeman’s word is law you see

In the courts that never close

It takes six of him against police’s word

Though the police they n’er saw

they think but say it happened

And the policemen’s word is law

And I’ve not hit you the policeman said

And the policeman’s word is true

The young man smarts. It hurts a lot

For his face and eyes are blue

You read the news, what a sorry lot

The same young man of course

When will he learn to lie right down

Let justice take its course

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