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Voodoo For Beginners

"For all potential sinners."
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Published 5 years ago
Sitting in my bedroom
Mad as bloody hell
Thinking about making a voodoo doll
And casting a dark magic spell

Now please don't think I'm evil
Usually, I'm not
I went to church a time or two
Not sure when though I forgot

Would I be a sinful girl
If I went ahead with this dark deed?
Surely given the circumstances
God would understand my need

Isn't he all forgiving
Able to wash away our sins?
I've convinced myself, that's for sure
So now I shall begin

I reach across and get my book
Voodoo for beginners
The first page has a welcome note
For all potential sinners

I cross myself just in case
Just to be safe and sure
That I'll still reach the pearly gates
And I'll still be deemed as pure

I make my doll and send my curse
The evilest one I dare
If I've done this correctly
My victim will wake up with no hair

Now it's time for my voodoo book
To be put away
Time for me to repent my sins
Get on my knees and pray

I ask God to forgive me
And all us naughty sinners
Who got tempted to the dark side
By the voodoo book for beginners.

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