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"Inspired by someone I know"
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All her classmates say
That she must be gay
That she's strange and unadapted
With her short black hair
And the clothes she'll wear
That she'll never be accepted

That she had denied
Every boy that tried
That she would not let them near
And that sealed her fate
She just can't be straight
Maybe even one to fear

But her lifetime long
They all have been wrong
Though they fail to comprehend
That she's never been
What they thought they'd seen
That she never was content

That she'd never fit
Inside her body, it
Never seemed to be quite right
It makes her life a hell
Because she dare not tell
She's just keeping it inside

Yet she wants to shout
Wants to scream it out
Wants to scream and shout and cry
I was born this way!
But it's not okay!
Cause I should have been a guy!

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