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A Second Chance Part 6

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Loni questioned her motives a dozen more times as they walked across the parking lot to their parked cars. She was used to acting on impulse from her younger and carefree days, so this behavior was out of character for her. Was she not older and wiser than she was back then? So why was she acting like a love sick horny teenager?

As she followed his dark SUV through the city and into the suburbs, the mature portion of her brain urged her to veer off the next side street and head back home. However, a stronger force made her continue to follow him.

She was surprised when Dan's residence turned out to be a double wide mobile home in a beautiful park, she had never pictured him in such a setting. The rather stoic exterior was in stark contrast the lavish interior.

The trailer boasted thick carpeting throughout along with wood paneling on the walls and even a fireplace. A sectional sofa, love seat and glass top coffee table graced the living room along with a wide screen television. 

A beautiful built in glass shelved wall unit displaying dozens of liquor bottles that seemed to glow under the small spotlights recessed in the wall. In front of it was a small portable bar completed with cushioned bar stools.

"Name your poison," he stated after stopping at the fridge and filling a bowl up with ice cubes.

"Seven and seven," she responded after scanning the bottles and taking a seat on one of the bar stools.

He poured her a tumbler full and then one for himself. He sat opposite her and handed her the glass and then raised his glass her.

"To a great day," he said in his deep rich voice.

They touched glasses and each took a deep swallow. They made polite conversation as they drank until Loni set her drink on the bar.

"This is a great looking place. I had no idea that these homes could be so elaborate," she commented as she looked around.

"Not all of them are. This was purchased by a lady that made her fortune in the fur business and she spared no expense. Well anyway, she goes to Florida and bumps into her college roomie and is invited to move in with her.

She returns home long enough to pack her clothes and personal belongings and then heads back down South."

"So how did you wind up here?

"Through a friend of a friend. I am renting now, but if I decided to purchase she would give me credit for the money already paid."

Loni stood up and took his drink out of his hand and then wrapped her slender arms around him and placed her lips on his. A deep passionate tongue kiss followed and he pulled her onto his lap as they continued to kiss.

"Do you really want me?" she asked.

"Yes," he responded.

"Good, because I want you too."

They headed to his bedroom disrobing as they moved up the hallway while not breaking the kiss and by the time they reached the door to his bedroom they were both down to their underwear.

Dan paused only long enough to admire the sight of her in her stunning lingerie before he scooped her into his arms and carried her to the king sized bed.

He gently laid her on it and then slid in next to her and they made love for hours before falling into a deep sleep in each others arms. It was still dark when Loni awoke from the best sleep she had enjoyed in awhile.

When she turned over to see if her bed partner was awake, she discovered the spot next to her was empty save for a post-it note on the pillow.

'Gone to the gym. Back at seven. Coffee in the carafe.'

The clock on the nightstand said it was 6:30 AM she quickly slid out of bed and located her panties.Then after donning the dress shirt, Dan wore yesterday she went outside to her car and recovered the knapsack from the trunk.

She wondered if the sight of a long-legged slender redhead clad only in her underwear and a man's shirt would traumatize his neighbors, she hoped so.

Loni took a long hot shower and then searched his closet for a robe. She found, at least, two dozen robes of different fabrics and lengths, there was even one in black lace. She grabbed a plain white one and headed to the kitchen.

She had just poured herself a cup of coffee when Dan came in the door and she flew out of her chair to kiss him good morning. Once again the simple act of kissing fired up their passions and they made love on the living room floor.

Afterward, as they enjoyed their morning coffee and cigarettes, she asked him questions about the day's plans.

The first bridal show at the mall wasn't until 1:00 PM and the last one is at 5:00 PM.

"What about your plans?" he asked.

"I am scheduled to have brunch with my fiancée and my future in-laws," she responded.

"Are you going to go?"

"I supposed I have to, but I will join you later if that's OK."

"You know it is."

"So are you going to head home first?" he asked.

"Not really. I had hoped to stay here if it wouldn't interfere with your usual Sunday plans."

"My normal Sunday's consist of nothing more than staying in my lounging clothes all day and chilling on the couch," he responded with a laugh.

Loni left her chair and planted herself on his lap and they started kissing again. Once again just this simple act of physical contact put them in the mood and they headed to the living room and made love on the recliner.

He allowed her to shower first and took his turn while she made fresh coffee. He grabbed a robe and joined her at the kitchen table.

"That's quite a collection of bathrobes you have and I'd pay good money to see you in that lace robe," she commented with a wide smile.

"You don't have enough money for that to happen," he responded.

"Do you have a robe fetish that we need to address? I do have extensive training in psychology."

"Not really. What you see is the result of a comment I made on the air last Christmas about not being able to find a decent robe in the city. They started arriving the following day and I was forced to go back on the air and beg my listeners to stop. I already sent a dozen the battered women's shelter.

"So what's going to happen to us now?" she asked as the smile left her face.

"Well, you're going to get married and I am moving out of state," he responded with a stern look on his face.

"Can we see each other in between?"

"If it's not going to cause trouble in paradise."

Loni departed at about 9:00 AM to keep her brunch date at The Colonial Club. It was a typical family style restaurant built in the fifties that had managed to survive thanks to a few face lifts and menu changes. It was a very popular breakfast and brunch location on Sundays.

Loni spotted them at their usual table in the back. Brad and his family spotted her the moment she stepped through the door. Her tight mini skirt and high heels attracted the attention of every male in the room as she walked by their tables.

"Good morning," she said upon reaching their table.

They returned similar greetings as Brad rose and gave her a quick peck on the cheek and pulled out a chair for her.

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